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Your display name can be added in Settings -> Account.

Prior to setting a display name, your email address is automatically used as a display name in most email clients. If your email address is sarahw@protonmail.ch, your display name will be shown to the recipient of the mail as sarahw.

Below you can see what the email address contact@protonmail.ch displays as when there is no Display Name set:



How the message will appear in Gmail (notice the far left displays “contact” as the display name):

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.10.00 AM

Upon saving a Display Name, your messages will appear under a different name when received by the recipient.


Below you can see what happens when we change the display name for contact@protonmail.ch to ProtonMail.



How the message will appear in Gmail (notice the far left displays “ProtonMail” as the display name):
Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.08.44 AM


Releasing the Custom Domains feature, we also added a possibility to add/create different Display Names for each alias. To learn more about this, please visit this link: https://protonmail.com/support/knowledge-base/display-name-aliases/

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  1. derek

    Seems very thorough both in security steps and intuitiveness of use. You just look around the basic page and you figure it out almost immediately. (Of course, some things I don’t understand, but most if not all are FAQ’ed.) Really well done. Bravo.

  2. Auser

    I’ve never seen this page before! This is what most customers want! Explain to me exactly what you’re doing & what it means + how things are affected. That’s perfect.

    Now if you could only make the long-awaited App for BlackBerry so this email server is quick! No seriously, do it. PLEASE.

  3. JohnnyG

    For users with custom domains, is there a way you can specify different display names for the different addresses within your account? (paid account)

    I have some accounts such as webmaster@mycustomdomain.tld that I don’t necessarily want to send and reply to messages with my main display name. I’d like to display something like “MySite Webmaster”

    If this isn’t possible yet (which seems to be the case), is this something that can perhaps be added? I’m sure I’m not the only one who would love to see this added.

  4. Anonymous

    Suggestion for improved privacy: the “display name” when sending from an alias or an additional address should NOT be forced to be the same as the display name chosen under settings for the account, because then aliases and additional addresses can be linked by an external user to the main account.

    The “display name” should be configurable for each additional address.

    If the “display name” field under settings is left blank, then the display name assigned automatically to a message should be the name of the alias or address used for sending that particular message, and not the one of the main address.


  5. SomeOne

    I completely agree with Anonymous. Please add the described feature to set a different display name for every address.

  6. pseudonymous

    +1 for Anonymous’ suggestion

    This feature is A MUST, imho.

    Display names & signatures indepedent for each address.

  7. pseudonymous

    Forgive me, I just discovered that you have this option already.

  8. Anonymous

    it should be allowed to have an empty display name.

  9. Proton Supporter

    Greetings, display name quit responding. I’ve also noticed in the script heading, now says ((FROM:ME )) this is something new and odd. Any feed back or ideas would much appreciated.

  10. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please contact us at contact@protonmail.ch?

  11. ramsin

    I have been trying verify my domain is not working

  12. ProtonMail Support

    If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at contact@protonmail.ch, via the report bug button or using the support form at https://protonmail.com/support-form.

  13. Anonymous

    Are multiple display names possible with professional accounts?

  14. ProtonMail Support

    You can have different display names for each address, however, you cannot have different display names for the same address. To change the display name for each address, go to Settings > Name/Signature.

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