How to import and export emails

Proton offers several options to import and export your emails for users with free or paid accounts. 

To import messages and folders into your ProtonMail account, you can use the Import Assistant or the Import-Export app.  

If you’re a free ProtonMail user, you can export emails individually and save them locally on your device. Paid users can use the Import-Export app to export several emails at once, including whole folders or your entire inbox. 

How to use the Import Assistant

Import Assistant lets you import data from any email provider that supports the IMAP protocol. 

To access Import Assistant, log in to and go SettingsImport & exportImport Assistant. You can then follow our instructions to import your emails

How to use the Import-Export app

ProtonMail’s Import-Export application is available to users with Plus, Professional, Visionary, and Lifetime accounts.

If you are a free user, log in to and Upgrade to one of our paid plans.

Once you have installed the app, you can follow the instructions to import and export emails. To import emails from another email service provider, you will have to ensure your account is configured to allow IMAP access.

How to export emails as a free user

Free users can download emails individually. Here’s how:

1. In the ProtonMail web app, open the email you want to save.

2. Click on the More down arrow button on the right side and select Export from the dropdown options.

How to export your email

3. Choose a location to save the email on your device.

4. Click on Save.

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  1. Stéphane Rousset

    Short of having a ProtonMail client (i.e., not being constrained to webmail in a browser), I need at least to be able to archive old mail locally. So, this feature would be a strong plus in favor of ProtonMail. Its absence is a “deal breaker” against my switching to ProtonMail as my main mail environment.

    Thank you in advance for making this happen.

  2. Andreas

    Old user of fetchmail-procmail-mutt-msmtp with several mail servers. Using GPG with almost… nobody! That’s why I appreciate so much Protonomail, a lot easier for involving people. However, I would like so much to have the possibility to integrate Protonmail with fetchmail-mutt-msmtp. Understand is not trivial but is there any hope?

    Thanks in any case

  3. Anon

    Would be useful as an offline archive. +1000 Votes

  4. Emanuele

    Sure, any possibility to export emails and archive them locally on my computer will be very welcome.

  5. GMason

    This would be a very welcome feature, indeed!

  6. Tony

    Not being able to store email locally is also a deal breaker for me. To answer all of the feature request questions, people want Protonmail with the features of Outlook. I learned about Proton via TED talks. Please keep going!

  7. PaulB

    I’d like the backup too. Before protonmail I was always on email clients and it is handy to dig into the old mails now and then. The backup would even be better if there was a way to automate it, thus relieving us from having to remember to back up.

  8. PaulB

    BTW, this article is missing the “Rate this article” buttons, which is why it has zero upvotes.

  9. Jim

    I just started with this, not realizing there is no ability to archive. I appreciate it is easy for me to ask, but this is crucial. This in no way diminishes what you have done so far. Thanks.

  10. Mark

    Where is the “Up-Vote” button?

  11. Mike

    Wish i could upvote. Offline archive is really important to me.

  12. Reg

    Great service, but without archive or any kind of PC client to pull the messages out securely I don’t think there is any way I can use this as my main mailbox. It’s hard to print every message, if there are 10-20 daily.

  13. Anonymous

    This feature would be welcome.
    As much as IMPORTING emails from my existing account… I am using IMAP with a bunch of folders, how do I migrate to Proton and take my older emails with me ?

  14. Stephan S

    [Can’t upvote this feature request, the button is disabled?]

    Email is precious, so in order to join ProtonMail we need to be able also to leave it. Bad things can happen (think Lavabit), and we need to protect ourselves by keeping local copies of our email as we see fit. If we can’t take our data with us, then ProtonMail unfortunately could only be used as a temporary disposable service. If we can move in and out, then we can choose to make ProtonMail our main, preferred service on the longer term.

    Obviously, due to the encrypted nature of the message store, vanilla IMAP would not be an answer (contrary to Gmail for instance). You would need to provide a plug-in to Apple Mail (OS X) or to Outlook (Windows) that would do the local encryption/decryption trick. That would do the job.

    So sorry I can’t use ProtonMail until this is addressed! Keep up the good work.

  15. tom

    There is also a problem when I want to print email. It is impossible to print full content of a message.

  16. raizo

    To really switch to Protonmail, I need to copy my e-mails from other accounts.
    And since there is no way to do that – like IMAP for example – Protonmail is useless.
    I hope that this is just temporary situation.

  17. Anonymous

    This feature is also crucial for me, and is also preventing me from considering ProtonMail as my long term mail service. If ProtonMail is to take on the mainstream mail providers it has to offer feature parity on a number of key points, and I believe the ability to save your mail locally is one of them.

    Gmail, for example, allows much greater data freedom (ironically) when compared with ProtonMail, since it allows you not only to migrate your data in, but to migrate it *out* with a minimum of friction (not only with IMAP/POP, you can easily generate a single archive of all your data). Your data is truly yours, in the sense you can do what you want with it, and leave the service if you so choose. With ProtonMail it feels like you’re boxed in to the service.

    This will also become even more important as time goes on, because as people inevitably fill up their mailboxes they’ll have to archive the mail locally, so it’s not just about the freedom to shuttle your data around, but a necessity.

    In short, great project which I support 100% and appreciate all the effort that’s gone into taking it this far, but the lack of this one feature is a deal breaker for me, and I suspect for a lot of other people as well.

  18. Andros

    Import and export are absolutely needed. Import, so we can finally get rid of other email accounts. Export, so we can archive or transition out of protonmail in the sad (and hopefully unlikely) event that it shuts down. Any ideas when this will be coming?

  19. Lemuel

    One of the standard aspects of security is availability, and my email is at risk of losing availability on Protonmail without a way to have local copies of my email messages. If something should happen to Protonmail, either physically, legally, or financially, and it became unavailable, I would lose my email messages. I would feel a lot more comfortable with an IMAP solution, or at least a way to do an export.

  20. asmund

    same problem as Stephan S

    hereby “up vote” the importance of becoming able to save complete local copy of emails

  21. Jim

    Having been burned with LavaBit, backups would be great. Also, I have a lot of mail I need to keep from other accounts, so importing would also be great

  22. Eric

    This is the make it or break it feature for me too – With it, I would be willing to switch and even financially support. Without it, it’ll just be the occasional use.

  23. Anonymous

    Export is important for me in case the service is disestablished. I would also really appreciate import so that I can migrate here smoothly.

    Btw, this page is broken. I cannot upvote. Also when I try to upvote other comments, I get en error message saying I am not logged in. This is incorrect.

  24. AdrianW

    While importing (like pulling everything from a remote POP/IMAP account) would be nice to have, exporting is more important to me. One part would be a local backup (either through plugins to popular mail applications or you own native one, anything that keeps your mail downloaded and accessible even in the event of ProtonMail servers ever shutting down), the second part would be allowing you to migrate away from ProtonMail. My guess would be an option to decrypt all your mail and expose it via POP/IMAP to be downloaded by another service prior to account deletion.

  25. Jan

    I considered to switch to protonmail, but when I tried to import my old emails, I had to scrap that plan for the time being. I’ll switch as soon as import/export works…

  26. Antonio

    Can you give us an estimate date for the launch of the import tool from gmail?

  27. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, we do not have estimated date for this feature. We are trying to implement every suggestion and make ProtonMail more user friendly.

  28. tw

    I know I will eventually outgrow 500MB and even 5GB — I don’t like deleting emails if I don’t have to — but $30/month for the next highest storage option is too much for me. Having no reasonable method *or* workaround for local storage (printing individual emails is not reasonable) feels claustrophobic. :-( Fortunately, with any luck, a feature for this will arrive before that becomes a problem.

  29. Anonymous

    The ability to have control over my documents (emails and contacts in this context) is vital to me.
    Thus I need to be able to backup my mails (all folders, including sent etc.)
    There are multiple reasons which depends on factors that neither I or protonmail is in control of in my opinion:
    – protonmail gets shutdown because of business, political, hackers or other reasons.
    – protonmail fails to recover from a disaster of some sort.
    – me erasing something I shouldn’t (have happend! ;-) )
    And since I do take these things serious it for now hinders me to use protonmail,
    but it is clearly a interesting concept that I gladly get into if the hard req own mail backup
    is possible.

  30. Bill

    This is an absolute deal breaker. There needs to be import/export options available. It should be a #1 priority at this point.

  31. Fred

    Yes, a possibility for backups is crucial.

  32. Thoralf Will

    This is the single most relevant feature that keeps me from using Protonmail right now.
    If I’m locked into the system with no option to export my mails then this is a no go.
    Implement this feature and you’ll get another paying customer.

  33. Chris

    Import and export is much less of a problem if you are able to use an IMAP/POP client to manage your mail. That should be the first priority

  34. Anonymous

    +1 for properly encrypted export/backup of the entire account or user defined selections.
    (Upvote button is not working for me too. Not sure if it is because I am new user or it is because of something else.)

  35. Mark

    I agree – I too would love to see both a way to import and export e-mail. I hope this feature comes soon.

  36. tk

    import is very important. please set up this feature soon

  37. Ken Nickerson

    I am trying out ProtonMail and paid for an account(s). It is imperative that to use this account for a business there be (minimally) a method to archive the corpus. It is necessary when an employee leaves the company, legally, and frankly as protection should ProtonMail meet with an unwarranted or untimely end. Given the number of comments here, it would be great if someone from ProtonMail could chime in with a roadmap of upcoming features, the priority and current timing. Look forward to a specific date on downloading corpus asasp, frankly exploring alternatives now because of this issue. thank you.

  38. Ted

    Any updates on this? I’m a Protonmail Plus customer and really need this functionality to import/export emails.

  39. Max

    Everyone coming to Protonmail needs to import all messages. Everyone using Protonmail should have a separate backup.

    If you do not offer this feature, you won’t get business customers. If you don’t get business customers, you won’t survive the competition.

  40. callengodfrey

    Inability to import/export emails and contacts is the major reason why I don’t use ProtonMail.

  41. Daniel Oakey

    So how much longer before we see this implemented? I too feel there is no way I can use Protonmail until I can backup my emails.

  42. Francisco A.

    I understand people have different needs, and diverse working environments, but offline archiving is not something I have use for. In fact, I very much prefer not to have my data stored locally.

  43. jon

    export is a must have…if you don’t support 3rd party apps like outlook (which would be better). either way, protonmail is not at option at this point.

  44. John L

    I want to up-vote this but I’m not certain how to. I don’t see any buttons…

    Anyway, I definitely need the ability to import emails. I’m ready to pull the trigger and subscribe as soon as this feature is available.

  45. D

    Just discovered proton mail yesterday and immediately became a plus paid customer to support your efforts. However, like others here, I do need to save key emails offline. An export to a file from the web would help short term, but using another client like Outlook, Mail, would be preferable.

  46. East

    No offense meant, (as I love this whole idea, and the philosophy behind it), but you are literally keeping most of your user base out because of this one feature. It is impractical to keep exponentially paying for something because there is no export function. I have been meaning to switch to ProtonMail as my primary email for weeks, but have not because of this feature. We do not need hotkeys, we need this feature! Please make this the number one priority, everything else is secondary.

  47. col

    just moved my domain’s mail here. do need an import function rather badly!

  48. zamalek

    I am checking this page every few weeks, because that is the essential feature to switch to ProtonMail. I cannot switch to Protonmail unless you provide a import/export feature. Never in my life I would lock myself and all my mails into an application.

  49. S Holledge

    Like many others (above) I need an offline archive of emails. Without that Protonmail will remain something I only use for about 5% of my correspondence.

  50. Luke

    I am interested in bringing all my business emails to protonmail. However I need to import old emails and have the possibility of saving emails locally.

  51. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on adding this feature in the near future, as well as introducing a new Business plan.

  52. Joop

    That’s great news! Like many have said before me, this is the one issue holding me back (for over 6 months now!) from making the switch to Protonmail. Can you elaborate slightly on how “near” this is? Are we talking weeks, months, this year? And please don’t make this a Business plan-only feature! Thanks.

  53. ProtonMail Support

    We still do not have more precise release date.

  54. Chozhan

    I anticipate that the exported email would be of ‘encrypted format’, for security reasons.
    How will those messages be decrypted, unless we’ve a Protonmail-offline client?
    Or will it be possible to allow the Protonmail-webmail to be able to encrypt the offline email, upon choosing the file in the browser?

  55. ProtonMail Support

    We are looking into different options for this, and we will make the best possible solution for Importing and Exporting messages.

  56. Ron

    Please implement emails import / export functionality within protonmail asap. It’s absolutely crucial.
    Only then switching to you as email provider will be fully justified, even sensible.

  57. Anonymous

    Yet another (paying) user waiting for this feature before switching to Protonmail…

  58. M

    IMHO, data security should remain #1 priority. Having a way to easily extract all emails from someone’s account is a security nightmare waiting to happen.

    We have been using proton mail for eight months now. These are not our only email accounts — only the most secure ones. For anything which we do not mind being read If you set up a secondary pop account somewhere else, then you can easily do the same thing which we do: For Non-Secure emails which we wish to retain, we forward incoming emails, and BCC outgoing emails to a secondary email account.

    For security reasons, I would want any “mass download” feature to be something which I could opt out of.

  59. Nona

    Under options for exporting email in topic info, it says “At this time, you are able to save individual emails by using the “Print” function found inside each email in your account”.
    6 mos ago, Tom said: There is also a problem when I want to print email. It is impossible to print full content of a message.
    I can’t print either…it only prints the first paragraph or so. Any update on if there is a fix for problem with printing or advice from anyone else as to how to print a full email?

    I could temporarily live without local backup…if I could indeed actually print out a permanent record of very important emails. Help!

  60. ProtonMail Support

    For any issues please contact us on or via the report bug button.

  61. Jobb

    Just to let you know that not being able to import older emails keeps me from switching from another payed email service.

  62. Anonymous

    Hello ProtonMail Support
    For me that is the same reason now that it keeps me from switching to proton mail. Everything is so great, but in order to switch the feature to import mail must be available.
    Thank you.

  63. Maciek

    The lack of Gmail import is a deal breaker for me, so please hurry up…

  64. Anonymous

    If there were import and export functions, I would feel much more comfortable switching my domain to Protonmail.
    Without those functions, the risk of getting trapped is too great. Worse, the risk of losing all of my email in the [hopefully unlikely] event Protonmail becomes unsustainable is too great.

  65. Andy

    Hi Protonmail Support

    I would love to switch to ProtonMail BUT this lack of importing and exporting email just still keeps me away from switching. I will only switch when import/export becomes available and not before. That’s a pity.
    Is there a date when the import/export-feature comes out or not? Could you give any further information about that?



  66. Jose

    Beeing able to make a local backup is absolute necessary, otherwise protonmail is not for me.

    I would pay the plus service if some services such: filters, pgp signatures and backup worked fine.

  67. Adrian

    This is a key feature that Proton mail must have to be practical and useful; without it, it is only ‘disposable’ mail. I would happily pay the monthly fee for email – I value privacy, and know that alternative ‘free’ email services largely sell ‘anonymised’ user data to advertisers. However I do need local access to my emails, at least from time to time – so in the absence of POP (etc) I would at least need to be able to download an encrypted archive of my email from time to time to free up online storage, which I could add (some or all of ) to my local archive, viewable in a local (at least dummy) client, from which I could cut & paste, or print. Please email me when the feature is available, even in beta.

  68. A. M.

    As long as there is no export function, it is inconceivable to use protonmail as a main email address. Even more, as many people will heavily rely on search functions allowing to search through the contents all of their emai, as the standard email clients on all major platforms allow, but a non standard way of exporting (i.e. not at the very least also enabling pop3 and imap) would make impossible, this export function should allow integration into one’s “normal” flow of handling emails.

    As a security related service you might also not wish to forget that having all one’s mail solely on your servers will allow the risk of it getting lost – be it through breaches despite your great efforts, be it through possible mistakes of an administrator. This is the more true as the email content of security related users could attract a special interest of three letter agencies efforts.

    Offering no export is a no-go in the long run, offering no standard method of collecting one’s mail will still keep many from using the service fully or at all, who otherwise would.

  69. Erik

    This and POP/IMAP are the deal breakers for me signing up and using this for all employees in my company. Please build this!

  70. Jenny

    An email client would be wonderful. POP/IMAP access would be wonderful. However, your first step should be a means to locally store emails. I vote for local storage with a search function as the first priority. Do not worry about offering encryption for the stored emails (users can do encryption themselves).

  71. Jason

    +1 Export is a crucial feature for me. Ready to switch to proton mail as my main email (paid plan) once this is in place.

  72. Dan

    +1 for the email export comments. Not having this available is a show stopper as far as I’m concerned, and is why I’ve not signed up for a “Plus” account. Using this for business email in the absence of an export feature would be inconceivable.

  73. Emiliano

    +1 It’s crucial for handling a normal email main account.

  74. Edmund Laugasson

    There are three important features needed to be implemented:
    * IMAP/POP import/export
    * contacts import/export
    * can use private PGP (GPG) certificates to send/receive encrypted/signed e-mails with others either web-based or client-based. Not all are using ProtonMail (or cannot be enforced to use) but still encrypted messages needed to be exchanged. One example: Thunderbird+Enigmail

  75. Rob

    It’s crucial feature for me and is perhaps the single greatest deterrent at present from me shifting my hosting to Protonmail. Folks, you need to make this happen to really capture the business market. I’m not overly concerned if POP/IMAP is not provided as long as getting emails off the browser/server in an efficient and timely manner. May I suggest you take a look at the TechHit plugin for Outlook – Messagesave. Putting in features similar to that would be awesome. I for one would migrate without hesitation.

  76. Kenneth Holter

    I agree with Jason – as soon as I’ll be able to export my entire set of email on a regular basis as backup, I’ll move to protonmail as my primary email account.

  77. Michael

    I just signed up for a premium account to change my emails from Outlook however every this is not a good solution for doing that. I need local backup copies and also a mean to compact the email data storage as not to use the 5 GB of space. I read that they are working on email export service but when will it be available. Also I think it is a basic function to have contact with address and phone numbers. Maybe we are just paying for the end to end security. But if my internet is out and without a local copy it like living back in the 80;s when email service first started. I will wait a few months to see the development of this issue before I use them as my main email service while I search for a better solution.

  78. Todd

    +1 — I can’t fully switch to protonmail until I can export my mail in bulk.

  79. Fab

    Can’t migration to protonmail without import export functionnality

  80. Matt

    Same for me. I cannot switch to ProtonMail without a possibility to export and backup my emails locally.

  81. Mark Gardner

    I am an existing paid customer and didn’t realize that export was impossible save for printing individual messages to files. This is silly and needs to be fixed.

  82. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on this, but we don’t have an exact date when it will be available.

  83. Ryan

    Its been 2 years now. Its not too hard to develop a windows application to push and pull encrypted data. Leave the web interface for a bit and get this bit finished.
    You will get so many extra clients. I am paying already but lacking this feature is important!

  84. Liz

    Well, merde. I had to get out of GoDaddy because of the egregious cost and execrable UI, so I did a lot of research (but apparently not enough) to find the best solution.

    I settled on Protonmail as the best place for my confidential work communications, secure and also clean and reasonably priced with comprehensible organization and instructions. I gamely jumped through all the hoops to get it set up and. . . no archiving? Oh well, Apple Mail will store it and also hold onto my old emails. . . wait, no third-party mail clients either?

    I agree with Jenny above::searchable local storage would be fine if it’s easier to implement`. In the meantime though, how about an ability to select multiple messages from a list and bulk-print them?

  85. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on adding new features like Import/Export and IMAP/POP3/SMTP support

  86. Pavol Ráchel

    Hi, I would highly appreciate to have *importing emails* feature available. It’s very practical to have all emails (including older ones) just under one roof.

  87. Anonymous

    I have read tis topic because it’s important to me, and apparently many others.
    The fact that import/export is not possible seems a bit odd, yet support’s answers are even more so: for two years your only reply to so many urgent posts is ‘we are working on it’.
    I was ready to make the switch, but If you want me to trust you with all my data, I would appreciate a more satisfying answer.

  88. ProtonMail Support

    Our team is currently developing an option to export/import messages. Unfortunately, we do not have fixed date when this feature will be released.

  89. Jay

    I would love to have this option so I would rarely have to use my Gmail account. I’ll surely pay extra to keep everything under one roof!

  90. Emmanuel

    Yes, please. Import/Export and IMAP/POP3/SMTP support is crucial ! Thank you.

  91. Elio

    An import/export feature would be great. Do you know how imported emails from another account will be time-stamped? For example, I have many old receipts in a separate folder in my old email. They’re all organized per the date I had received them, but once they are imported into my Protonmail account, will they still be organized based on the original date of each email or by the date that they were all imported?

    I’m praying you will make it per the original date or even give us the option to choose either or. That would make the import process A LOT easier for me.

    Thank you!

  92. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on this, and it should be available in the future. We do not disclose any information for now, because we need to do more tests, and decide how the process will go.

  93. JohnyCash

    Any updates? it is almost 2018 and being able to save your emails locally just in case you guys are being closed or whatever is MAJOR stuff…

  94. ProtonMail Support

    The ProtonMail Bridge is now released for Windows and MacOS, with Linux support coming soon.

  95. Benji Burgess

    Please make the import/export feature ASAP!

  96. Emlyn Price

    This issue has been ongoing for two years! Like others I wish to use Proton mail as my primary email however it is essential that we have the ability to import and export emails – until this is done I cannot use this as a primary service.
    Local copies on a pc are essential as well.
    Cannot believe that this is taking so long to implement.

  97. Richard Downing

    Does anyone know of an offline mail archive searcher?
    OK, I can export all my Gmail since 2010, but it’s too huge to upload to protonmail even if your importer was available. But it would be good to be able to search it. I guess I have to leave it in gmail for now.

  98. Wanted to Switch But

    Not being able to import or export mails is a deal breaker. I don’t see any point in switching to Protonmail if I don’t have the freedoms necessary to switch in and switch out. Considering that this state of affairs has been around for two years and no progress, I’m going to look at other providers. I hope Protonmail will take this seriously and act soon.

  99. T

    Darn! I was assuming you had this feature. I was ready to move to ProtonMail, but without access to an archive, this is a deal breaker. Would have no problem paying for this kind of service.

  100. Anonymous


  101. Raiden

    Protonmail is really great ! But if it’s not possible to export mails to keep a local archive, I can’t switch to Protonmail for now. I hope it will be released soon (at least, it would be nice to have a approximate date – 1 month, 3 months, 1 year ?). Thanks for the amazing work !

  102. mike hunt

    Hello. Ready to move my domain but this is a deal breaker. At least allow to download encrypted archive.

  103. Kenneth

    Great news that ProtonMail is working on this feature, as it seems to a deal breaker for many of us. Took a look around the web interface to see if it’s already implemented, but it doens’t seem to be. Hopefully the ProtonMail support team will make the announcement so that I can’t miss it.

  104. Anonymous

    Not being able to import/export emails is the only thing that is keeping me from upgrading to a paid account and using Protonmail as my primary email provider.

  105. Zack

    Womp womp. The inability to import my e-mails from my 10-year-old gmail account is a show stopper. Was about to pull the trigger on a ProtonMail Plus account. Much sadness.

  106. Rick

    I like to preserve all my correspondence. I would like to be able to export folders of messages in a standard format that Apple Mail could import (mbox?). Thank you for thinking about it.

  107. Bart

    I’ll switch to protonmail as soon as the import feature is available.

  108. Clive

    This is a very important requirement. For Proton to succeed, it needs to allow users to import past emails and likewise for security and backup there must be a way to export them as well. As a company, we could not use this service as our principal email without these features.

  109. Adam

    The ability to import archived GMAIL messages into ProtonMail is the only thing preventing me from complete adoption of this platform.

  110. Anonymous

    Is there an update on export functionality? Important considering the mailbox size restrictions.

  111. Gabriel

    Aouch, without the import feature it’s impossible for me to switch from gmail to protonmail

  112. Smokey

    Not being able to import/export emails is the only thing that is keeping me from upgrading to a paid account and using Protonmail as my primary email provider.

  113. Anthony

    It has been over 1 year since the last comment from Protonmail support on this issue, and almost 2.5 years since it was originally requested. I think the community requires something more specific than “we’re working on it” at this point. While I appreciate what Protonmail is trying to do to improve overall email security, the ability to import / export should be considered a mandatory feature at this point, and taking more than 2.5 years to do so causes potential customers to question how committed to solving this problem you really are. A feature that should have been available when the service first launched should not be something that takes years to implement.

  114. Julian

    Now that we can use the IMAP bridge client we could migrate existing emails by ourselves correct? In Thunderbird you can just copy emails from one account to another which easily lets you import existing emails to ProtonMail.
    Do you see any issue in doing it this way?

  115. S

    Come on guys. This should be easy. It’s been years now! Are you actually working on it?

    Unfortunately I am now thinking of moving away from Protonmail because of the lack of downloadability of my mail.

  116. ProtonMail Support

    Importing and exporting mail is now possible via the ProtonMail Bridge ( The article has been updated to reflect that. If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  117. Len

    This is an absolute must-have. I’m keen to sign up, and pay for storage, but I can’t use Protonmail unless I can import my email archives to it.

  118. Guillaume

    Any news on this feature ? This is really mandatory.. I can’t go full protonmail without any backup/import!

  119. Theresa Price

    When will the import feature be added? I’d like to transfer from hotmail all my calendar items, emails and archived email folders

  120. Scott

    Any updates on this?!? I would love to delete my google and hotmail account from 1997…

  121. ProtonMail Support

    You can now import messages using the ProtonMail Bridge as described in this article.

  122. Protonmail Newbie

    It would be nice to be able to export my emails from my current email service to Protonmail. And if not, it would be nice to be able to use Thunderbird with accounts of both old email service and Protonmail so I could do a drag and drop in Thunderbird. Then I would upgrade to Premium. Other than that I like all the features of Protonmail.

  123. Ollivier Civiol

    Is there an ETA for an ‘Import Emails from Gmail’ feature ?

  124. ProtonMail Support

    For now, you can only import messages using the ProtonMail Bridge as described in this article.

  125. Ari

    This feature would be important to me. Hope to see it in the near future.

  126. Richard Downing

    I am trying to leave Protomail, because the spam filter is so terrible, I used to have a paid account but have now downgraded it to free. I use Linux and you have not yet made Bridge work on Linux. There is apparently no way for me to get my emails out of your system.

  127. ProtonMail Support

    If you are interested in the Bridge Linux beta, please send a message to bridge(at) Please note that you will need an upgraded account to use the Bridge.

  128. John

    Will this tool transfer Gmail’s “tags” as well? Or would you have to re-tag all your emails again?

  129. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately no, you will need to redo any tags you had.

  130. Simon

    I cannot tell if this has been answered by anybody completely clearly. I currently do my email using these steps. (1) go to webmail and check emails. Triage the emails there discarding spam and email of no interest. (2) I log out of my web mail. (3) I start Thunderbird and click of “get email” (4) Thunderbird downloads the emails from my webmail “inbox” into my local PC “inbox” where I can there catalog them into appropriate folders. After downloading the emails from “webmail”, Thunderbird deletes the emails on the “wewmail”. My very limited undeerstanding based on trial and error setup of Thunderbird is that only happens using POP3. And ProtonMail does not do POP3. Am I correct?

  131. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  132. Dan

    Being unable to export and archive e-mails makes it hard to manage space. There are e-mails which I do not wish to delete unless I have archived them to my own storage.

  133. Colleen

    Any updates on the export/import?

  134. jspicy

    I just wanted to migrate from gmail to protonmail but I need mail backup

  135. Anonym

    I also would like to have the ability to directly export mail on protonmail server to my harddisk (without using a bridge importing it to e.g. outlook). This is really a requirement (for both security and convenience).

  136. Erik Carlin

    Is there currently a way to export emails using proton bridge directly or do we still have to use a third party mail client to get this done? I’m reading news that’s almost two years old – just looking for an update. Thanks!

  137. ProtonMail Support

    Exporting emails is currently only available if you set up your ProtonMail account (via the Bridge) and the target account in a third party client. Once both accounts are set up in the same client, you can drag and drop messages to move them between the two accounts.
    If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at or using the support form at

  138. Jonathan

    Really disappointed, why cant this bridge just deal directly with MBOX files or something… Moving off google but I guess not to proton, enjoy the fiver as I did not know you can’t really import/export your mail without a mess.

  139. ProtonMail Support

    We are currently working on an import/export tool which will make this process much smoother, but we do not have an ETA yet.

  140. Jan Stapelmann

    Import of emails from old provider into ProtonMail via AppleMail and bridge:
    Works, BUT the text of that email, now in Proton, is hardly to read. It lost it’s format.
    How to solve? Thanks for advice!

  141. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our Bridge team at

  142. Robert Forward

    I can’t complete configuring Outlook 2016 after installing Bridge. It refuses to accept the server password box, saying that the incoming IMAP server connection was dropped and please check those settings. The settings are exactly as the Bridge configuration instructions specify; so I am effectively blocked from configuring Outlook to receive and send ProtonMail e-mails.

  143. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our Bridge team at

  144. Semyon

    Hello, please give your outgoing and incoming mail server.

  145. ProtonMail Support

    IMAP and SMTP support are only available when using the ProtonMail Bridge. For more information, please visit

  146. Daniel

    I eagerly anticipate this tool. Dragging thousands of emails from one folder to another is not really an option. Until I’ve migrated over I’ll need to keep the gmail account which I am keen to get rid of, hence the reason I set up the protonmail one.

  147. Peter

    Why can I only “print” a message if I want to export one? Why can’t I export it as .eml? That is not Rocket Science. Tutanota can do it. Why not ProtonMail?

  148. ProtonMail Support

    Exporting messages in .eml format is now supported. Click on the More button when viewing a message and then the Export option.

  149. Tammy

    My email was hacked and was used for phishing and proton mail disabled my account. i have very imporantant files saved to my email how can i just get that back please

  150. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our Abuse team using the form at

  151. NoMoreWork

    It would be interesting to see how does Proton mail hacking rate compare with rate for other email services. I’ve had 40+ email accounts (including work) since 1980s (my first private email was on Compuserve) and never – to the best of my knowledge – had a hacked account.

  152. Ioram

    I have email messages on my disk from a POP3 account I use. They are all stored in a Dropbox folder which I use to synchronise between my devices. If I wanted to ditch the POP3 service and switch fully to Proton (I am willing to pay for a plan, of course). Would there be a way to upload all the messages to the Proton mail services so I can see them once I am a full Proton user? Namely, can I import Thunderbird mail files? This to me would be the reason to switch since it would rid me of the provider and allow me to see my old messages from Proton.
    If a Proton representative could answer this, we may have a deal!

  153. ProtonMail Support


    Once you set up a ProtonMail account in Thunderbird via the ProtonMail Bridge, you can use drag and drop to move messages from other accounts and import them to ProtonMail.

    You can contact our Support team for more info:

  154. mob

    This does not work. The instructions are not of very good quality

    Asked support before beginning whether it would work and was told ‘YES’

    Guess I will have to find a third party… kind of wastes the point of paying for portonmail

  155. ProtonMail Support

    Hi! If you’re having trouble with the Import/Export app, please contact our Support Team:

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