How to export emails from your ProtonMail account

Note: This article refers to a feature that is still in beta.

Users with Plus, Professional, Visionary, and Lifetime accounts can download the Import-Export application to export (i.e. download) decrypted emails from your ProtonMail account to your device, where you can view the messages or import them to another email account or email client. This article explains how.

1) Download the app.

Windows users can download the app here.

MacOS users can download the app here.

2) Log into the Import-Export app using your ProtonMail username and password.

3) There are two export options.

The first option is Export All. This option allows you to export emails from all your email addresses.

The second option is Export. This option allows you to export emails from individual email addresses. You can use the Export option by clicking on your username and choosing the Export button next to the email address you wish to export. Clicking one of these two options will bring you to the next step.

4) The next window asks you to “Select what you’d like to export”.

There you can select which Folders, Custom Folders, and Labels you want to export.

You can select a specific timeframe for the emails you wish to export by deselecting the default “All dates” and choosing a start and end date.

You can also choose whether to export messages as MBOX or EML files. (Click here to learn the difference between these two file formats.)

If you have emails in your Mailbox that cannot be decrypted, they will not be exported unless you check the box next to “Export emails that cannot be decrypted as ciphertext”. Most users will not need to check this box.

Finally, select the location where you would like to download the the folder containing to the exported messages. Change the destination by clicking on the “Browse” button.

5) Then click on “Export”.

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  1. David Gentry

    When will it be possible to use Thunderbird to download Protonmail E-mails ?
    My laptop is running Ubuntu Linux.

  2. ProtonMail Support

    The Bridge for Linux app is in beta. You can contact the Bridge team at bridge(at) for an invite.

  3. gillian ridgway

    can I have two proton email accounts?

  4. ProtonMail Support


  5. Johan

    I would like to have an encrypted backup of my e-mails. Is there also a possibility to make an encrypted export of your mails?

  6. ProtonMail Support

    At the moment this is not possible, but you can always encrypt your messages once they have been exported.

  7. John


    I’m having trouble finding the procedure to forward my protonmail emails to another. Can you help?

    Thank you

  8. ProtonMail Support

    Automatic forwarding is not possible due to ProtonMail’s encryption. You can still forward messages manually once you’ve opened and decrypted them.

  9. Pat Baralo

    I am missing email records from prior to March 15, 2019. I have a free account and did not go past the storage limit. I need all emails from December 2018 to the present for legal records in order to settle my son’s estate who died from medical malpractice in December 2018. Please restore the emails. It is urgent. My thanks.

  10. ProtonMail Support

    If you’re using the webmail, only 50 messages are shown per page. You can change the page in the upper right corner, below your username.

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