Short domain ( email addresses

It can be tedious to spell out your email address when sharing it with others. For that, we’ve created short domain email addresses, making secure email even more convenient.

Here’s how it works: Every ProtonMail user will be able to activate a separate email address at no cost. For example, if your username is john, you can activate to go with your existing address. All users can receive mail at their email address, but sending from addresses will be limited to paid users. (Of course, if you are a free user and get an email at, you can still reply using

When you activate your address, it does not count toward the limit on the number of addresses you can create. However, paid users can also create additional addresses in Settings -> Addresses/Users using the domain, which will count against your limit. It is not necessary to activate to create an additional address with

Creating your address

Users must first activate their short domain. Click on Settings, choose the (beta) tab on the left, and click on Activate

Paid accounts

To send email from your address, click on the default email address in the “From” field. Then select the address from the dropdown options.

Or you can set to be your default email address. To do so, click on Settings -> Account. Under “Address Priority,” drag your address to the top of the list.

Free accounts

Free users are able to receive email to their address, and replies will be sent from the or address by default. If you attempt to change the default “From” field to your address, you will receive an error message asking you to upgrade to a paid plan.

To enable sending from your address, click on Upgrade and choose any paid plan.