If I delete a user or users, can I assign their storage space or VPN connections to other users or administrators?

If you delete a user, you will have unallocated storage space and VPN connections. The remaining storage and VPN connections aren’t automatically re-allocated to the other users.

If you wish to re-allocate storage space or VPN connections, you can assign this to specific users or administrators:

1. Log in at mail.protonmail.com and go to Settings → Go to Settings → OrganizationUsers and addresses.

2. Locate the user you would like to allocate extra storage or VPN connections to and click Edit.

Users and addresses setting showing Edit button to re-assign storage and VPN connections

3. Click on the dropdown menu next to Account storage and select the total storage you want for this user. If you’re subscribed to a VPN plan, you can also allocate extra VPN connections to this user with the VPN connections dropdown.

4. Click Submit.