How to Report Bug

If you have found a bug in ProtonMail, you can directly report the bug to us through the webmail and mobile apps by using the Report Bug feature. We appreciate you taking the time to improve ProtonMail by reporting a bug!


Report Bug ProtonMail webapp


Report Bug ProtonMail Mobile app

You can also submit a bug through the Report Bug form on the support page.

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  1. RM

    The iOS mobile app doesn’t work. It says it’s not from a trusted developer.

  2. Danny doan

    I signed up for your site and now my password and login was changed it seems like my account was hacked or is being monitored now I cannot login and change settings please let me know what the IP address was that did the change so I could take further action thank you

  3. ProtonMail Support

    We do not keep logs of the access to the account. Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  4. Daniel Augstburger


    5 minutes before I tried to create the account:
    But after having confirmed that I am a real person, the system had trouble. Now I can’t create again the account because it already exists, but in the same time I can’t enter because of the missing confirmation. Is it possible to confirm it and uxe the created account?

    Best regards

    Daniel Augstburger

  5. ProtonMail Support

    Hi Daniel,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. It looks like your account was fully created. Please try resetting your passwords.
    To reset your Login password please visit this link:
    To learn how to reset your Mailbox password please visit this link:

  6. mn

    in protonmail:
    there is text align center
    but there is not rtl direction.

  7. Marcela Chacón

    I can’t log into my second account too. My account email is:, I can log in.
    And also in the first one:

    I think is too strange. I also gave as my first recovery email. Please cheek it. My name is Marcela Chacón. Please help me.

    Thanks a lot.

  8. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  9. TM

    Hello, I started having a problem with the IOS mobile app today. The message content is not downloading and I’m getting the error message 503 – service unavailable. Please fix.

  10. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  11. giselegrana

    Why can’t I have it in French?

  12. ProtonMail Support

    We are planning to support multiple languages in the near future.

  13. Cori

    Why can’t I access older emails?

    I can only access emails on the first page, and nothing prior. This is NOT useful.

    I need to be able to scroll back through the emails I have received previously to those on the first page. I have used a number of webmail services in the past, and this is the first time that I am having to ASK to access earlier emails – this has always been automatically included in the past. Is there a reason why you have left it out?

    Thank you,

  14. ProtonMail Support

    Only 50 messages/conversations are displayed per page. You can go to the next page via the left/right buttons in the top right corner, where the page indicator is located.

  15. Sara Regan

    Hi there!
    I sent an email to a functioning address at hotmail and it was returned but I have no clue why.

  16. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  17. Gualterius

    I just have installed your Android app on my LG G3. I’m pretty sure about username & password but the app returned me an error (Invalid username or password). May it be because the default domain is “” while mine instead is: “”?

  18. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  19. Anon

    I signed up for a craigslist account but now I can’t receive my emails. Is something going on with them? Like why can’t people really reply back to the ad for items online on their website?

  20. Ken Nickerson

    hi! i ordered and setting up for 2 domains ( and is ready, and so i setup the 4 individual accounts for the team. i cannot figure out how to send them their id/logins to get setup? where is that done? i only have 4 users now, but each should be able to see their mail, change passwords, etc… please help, we have been without mail for the move since yesterday. thank you, ken

  21. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment, you cannot setup separate mailboxes and passwords for the custom domains addresses. Also, you cannot add your custom domain on multiple premium ProtonMail accounts.

    We are working on adding these features in the near future.

  22. Anonymous

    I want to donate but when I click the link to pay with paypal, it sends me to the inbox.

  23. ProtonMail Support

    Sorry to hear that. Can you please send us an email on with more information about this issue?

  24. Jeanne conte

    Someone set up a proton email account with the name of my website. I own the domain I did not set up this account. Someone has been hacking into my accounts. I need to know who set this account up. This is illegal.

  25. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please send us all the details at

  26. Protonmail user

    Dear ProtonMail Team,

    1. Why do you utilize cell phone numbers when registering a new account?
    2. Why do you send SMS text (account activation code) with words indicating that the SMS was sent from ProtonMail or on behalf ProtonMail. It’s very insecure to add additional information rather that only activation code. Please, remove unnecessary information.

  27. ProtonMail Support

    For more details please contact us on or via the Report Bug button. You can read more about Human Verification on this link

  28. Kalimero

    password recovery to secondary email doesn’t work.
    Trying to get fresh new mail created in Proton to work, and doesn’t accept login/pass created.
    Doesn’t retrive login with correct secondary email.
    Please help

  29. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Report Bug button.

  30. Rainer Boegner

    I get the message “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender”. His email address is: ”“. How can i solve this issue. Thanks for your support.

  31. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the Bug Report button with the details about this.

  32. Donna

    I keep getting the error message ” no connectivity detected. How do I fix this?

  33. ProtonMail Support

    Please try contacting us through the report bug button.

  34. FWitmond

    I keep getting the ‘notification option’ pop-up. Every time I select that I don’t want it but it keeps coming back. How to stop it?

  35. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please send us all the details to

  36. Anonymous

    When logging in with my second password the login box changed a bit and said something about losing all my data if I forget my password and asked me to type in “Danger” to the password box. I did not do it because it looked like a scam.

  37. ProtonMail Support

    Resetting your Mailbox Password is permanent, and will render all encrypted messages in your inbox. By entering the word Danger you agree that all your old messages will stay permanently encrypted.
    For more information please visit this link:

  38. John

    Hello, could you help me please, I have emptied everything in the trash bin and it has deleted the emails I had labled…
    please tell me there is a way on undoing my mistake?

  39. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, once you delete the messages there is no way of retrieve them back.

  40. Dinitro

    Can’t log in! “Too many recent invalid login attempts” But ALL my recent login attempts have been successful as normal; there haven’t been any unsuccessful ones. And if there had been (such as someone trying to hack my account), blocking me from accessing it with my legitimate passwords surely doesn’t help me.

  41. ProtonMail Support

    Sorry to hear that. You will be un-banned in the next few hours. Can you please try again later?

  42. R. Hardy

    Does Protonmail *not* work with certain Firefox addons, or versions of Firefox? Because I can login, and send emails, but I can’t see any emails in my SENT or INBOX (4) ‘folders’ even though there should be messages there.

  43. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail works with most modern browsers. We recommend you use the latest versions of your browser for maximum security. Can you please contact us if you are experiencing any issues, at or use the Report Bug button?

  44. Ayax

    Please teach me how to stop undesirable messages

  45. ProtonMail Support

    To learn more about our spam filtering, please visit this link:

  46. akawaka

    How can I set up subfolders (subjects/contacts) within my In box, or just add extra folders?

  47. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, we do not have option for creating folders at this moment. You can use labels to tag your messages:

  48. srvroman666

    sylpheed setting pop3 incoming messages,smtp outgoing messages????????????????

  49. akawaka

    Sorry to ask again!
    How can I set up subfolders (subjects/contacts) within my In box, or just add extra folders?
    It would be helpful to be able to sort mails out according to Subject at least! Thanks!

  50. ProtonMail Support

    We do not have option for creating sub-folders at this moment. You can use labels to tag your messages:

    We are currently working on auto-filter on labels.

  51. Lind Hutton

    How do I view email content on a mobile browser which happens to be Safari/IOS? Presently I am getting encrypted emails from a physician that I cannot decrypt via IOS/Safari mobile because the screen has no active buttons on the IOS device. Although I have opened/stablished a mobile mil account (grabbing at straws) I do not want to establish a new email address with the ProtonMail sender. Basically I want the ProtonMail senders email to my Outlook acct accessible on a PC and mobile/IOS device. For what it is worth I have not attempted to decrypt an email on a larger IOS device like an iPad.

  52. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please try to contact us from the report bug button? Please include a screenshot from your problem.

  53. ProtonMail

    Your web-based e-mail login hangs after entering the decryption password. I will not take “use a different browser” as acceptable. I use firefox stable, developer, and alpha being that the central intelligence agency bought sun microsystems (owner and developer of java and javascript) with it’s company oracle, and has weakened the language for exploiting it’s security. I sandbox windows in more secure operating systems and will advise you of the flaws in your security starting with the previous facts stated alone. I expect at the very least a solid reply regarding everything stated. People is this the type of Computer/Network Security Administration you trust your privacy with? Not even a reply to mathematically verified facts? I cite PHD Charlie Miller’s skills as well.
    Moderators have cowardly deleted 3 posts pertaining to this topic without a reply. Shills.

  54. ProtonMail Support

    For assistance please contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  55. Anonymous

    Hi ProtonMail,
    I would like to create an account.

    Screen “Are you a human”:
    – ReCaptcha: just “loading…”, waiting and waiting and nothing else…
    – SMS: Never received the SMS
    – Email: I received the code; then typed the code but an error appeared on the next screen – point 1/5 (before the account creation). So I restarted the process, but now protonmail does not want to send me another email on my email adress (“Email verification disabled for this domain name”).So I used my second email adress and now I have the same result.

    So YES I’m a Human and I can’t create an account on ProtonMail !!!

  56. ProtonMail Support

    Sometimes the settings of the browser may interfere with the creation of the account. If you need assistance please contact us on

  57. Buggy

    The “Report A Bug” button (URL: doesn’t work, nothing happens when clicking on the drop-down option for bug reporting.

    What I wanted to report is as follow:
    Hardened browser with restricted web site font dowloading setting (fingerprinting issue) doesn’t allow those tiny “@font-face” (aka. font icon) icons next to a text/button to show up, instead a tiny box with a HEX digit inside it appears.
    It’s something according to this Mozilla support pos which solved my problem:

    ps. I agree with the previous post, I did also chose “ReCaptcha” to verify as Human but it got stuck with “loading…”, the other options worked though for me.

  58. ProtonMail Support

    If you need assistance you can contact us at or via the Report bug button. We will look into your comment.

  59. Sean

    Invalid token login failure. Results in erased login and finger print. Tried to manually log back in. Info stayed for 24hrs or less and problem repeated.

  60. ProtonMail Support

    Sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on fixing this problem.

  61. Chris Vickers

    I have had problems logging in, problems with trying to type my text in, and it seems like proton mail isn’t doing anything. You can cancel my account. I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED !

  62. ProtonMail Support

    Hi Chris,
    Sorry for the inconvenience. Did you contact our support team. Can you please write us at

  63. Stephen

    I have tried several times to change my passwords. I have been able to change my log in password. I have tried several times to change the mail box password. Each time I have tried it won’t let me do it. I believe my account has been compromised.

    Please fix the problem.


  64. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the report bug button.

  65. Heatherk

    Cannot login. Username and Password is correct but I receive it is incorrect. My friend is having the exact problem this morning. Are you have technical issues this morning or is an update happening?

  66. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the report bug button.

  67. Heatherk

    Still cannot login. I had security issues with a previous server so I am a little uneasy that my account again could be hacked. I listed an email address that I will temporary use to have communication with you. Thank you for your help, Im hoping its just a connection issue (ive tried on my phone and desktop)

  68. ProtonMail Support

    If you experience any issues please contact us on or via the report bug button.

  69. anonymus

    unable to view messages in injbox etc

  70. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact us on or via the report bug button.

  71. Chris Palmer

    Dear Colleagues,

    I’m having a problem with proton mail as it is showing my account has been disabled.

    I mailed my queries to but i had received a response to check at Report Bug.

    I had waited for 96 hours, but still i couldn’t login to my account as it still showing that my account has disabled.

    Kindly help me out to sort out mu issue as I’m unable to contact my colleagues and missing my contacts.

    Your support would be appreciated.


  72. ProtonMail Support

    Please write to

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