How to reset your Proton password

This article explains how to reset your password in case you have forgotten it. If you know your password and simply want to update it, follow the instructions to change your password.

Important notice about password reset

Resetting your Proton login password is different from other, less secure services. Your password is used to decrypt your emails and other data, and we don’t have access to it.

Therefore, if you forget your password, you will lose the ability to read your existing emails and access your saved data. 

You can regain access to your data only if you remember your previous password by following these steps.

The default password setting in ProtonMail is 1-password mode. If you use the 2-password mode with one password to sign in to your ProtonMail account and a second password to decrypt your mailbox, changing either of these passwords will revert your account to 1-password mode and will make your emails unreadable.  

Similarly to the 1-password mode, if you know your mailbox password or remember it later, you can restore your encrypted emails by following by following these steps.

Steps to reset your password

1. If you forgot your password, select Need help when signing in to Proton.

2. Then, select Reset password

If you are a user with 2-password mode enabled and you forgot your mailbox password to decrypt your mailbox, skip the first 2 steps and select Forgot password?

3. Enter your username and recovery email on the password reset page and select Reset password

4. Confirm that you would like to reset your password to send an email with a reset code to your recovery email address (this email could arrive in your spam folder).

5. Don’t close the reset page while you’re waiting for the reset code. This will void the recovery code and you will need to start over.

Enter your recovery code and choose Reset password.

6. You will then get a warning message informing you that resetting your password will permanently encrypt all your messages in your inbox. You will be able to see the emails in your mailbox and their metadata (sender, subject, etc.) but you won’t be able to see the body of the messages or any attachments.

Once you understand that this step is permanent, enter the word DANGER with capital letters and select Reset.

7. Choose a new password and confirm it by entering it twice and select Reset password.

You now have a new ProtonMail password. The accounts with 2-password mode enabled will revert to 1-password mode.

If you use 2-factor authentication to access your ProtonMail account, resetting your password will automatically disable your 2FA. In this case, you will need to manually enable it again by going to your ProtonMail Settings -> Security -> 2-Factor Authentication

Confirm password reset with SMS

If you use ProtonMail V4 in beta, you can select between a recovery email address and a recovery phone number in case you forget your password.

You can do this by accessing your Proton Account and choosing Account -> Recovery & notification from the sidebar menu.

1. To reset your password using your phone number, sign in to your account using Proton V4 in beta and select Need help? and Reset password.

Enter the email address associated with your Proton account or your username. Next, if you have saved a recovery phone number, select the Phone number tab and enter your phone number to send a code.

You will then receive an SMS with the code. Enter the code on the next page and next, select a new password.