Resetting Mailbox Password

The Mailbox Password is a unique key that was established upon the setup of your ProtonMail account (learn more about the Mailbox password here). ProtonMail does not keep records of your Mailbox Password, you (and those you may have shared it with) are the only persons who know the Mailbox Password. Because of this, resetting your Mailbox Password will garner all encrypted messages within your inbox to be permanently encrypted (learn more at What is Encryption).

Step 1) Enter your ProtonMail Login Password (Please see Resetting Login Password, if you are having trouble remembering your Login Password).


Step 2) Under the decrypt password field, you will find a link that states “Forgot Password”

Mailbox password


Step 3) You will then be shown a warning message that will inform you that resetting your Mailbox Password is permanent, and will render all encrypted messages in your inbox, permanently encrypted. This means that you will be able to see the messages in your mailbox, but not their content(the body of the message) nor its attachments.

Once you understand that this step is permanent please enter the word “DANGER” with capital letters and click on the “Reset” button.

Resetting the Mailbox password

If you have not set a “Notification/Reset Email” (see Notification/Reset Email) for your ProtonMail account, the next step does not apply.


Step 4) Insert the verification code that you have received on your Notification/Reset Email.*

Enter verification code

*Note if you have not set a “Notification/Reset Email, you will not receive this message.


Step 5) Enter your new Mailbox Password.

New Mailbox password screen

Congratulations! You now have a new ProtonMail Mailbox Password!

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