Sending a message using PGP/PGP (GPG/GPG)

At this time, ProtonMail does not support PGP/PGP messaging. We are planning on building out support for PGP/PGP, we do not have a timeline on this feature.

Up-vote this article if you want this feature now (comment if you have an opinion on the topic)!


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  1. falken

    I can’t up-vote this feature, but i would be a fantastic feature 🙂

  2. Bob

    Would this mean that I can manually import GPG keys of people who are not using ProtonMail? That would be a great feature, as then ProtonMail’s security can interoperate with other services.

    Of course I understand that part of ProtonMail’s selling point is not having to manage keys, but this could be an optional “advanced” feature.

  3. Anonymous

    Optional asymmetric PGP encryption is a must!

  4. Rogier

    Yes, PGP/PGP is be a *very* important addition, to be able to communicate safely with non-protonmail users (which, unfortunately, is probably still 99% of all email traffic, even for us, protonmail users).

  5. Anon

    Def useful feature but probably 7th on my list of things that Proton needs right now

  6. John Jenkins

    For me this is an absolutely critical feature. PGP is in some ways orthogonal to the feature set of Protonmail but it is a technology that is mature and used by many who value privacy.

    Might I suggest have a key server for your users such that upon creation of an account the keys are automatically generated. Then those who wish to send your users PGP messages would only need to import the key. This can even be done automatically with several clients that support PGP.

    Also, if you were to automatically sign messages using PGP there would be a very simply way to insure the authenticity of all the messages coming from, which adds a great deal to the reputation of an email provider.

    Similarly, if you have all the emails from users to other users automatically PGP encrypted and signed, this would be a very valuable feature.

    I very much appreciate the efforts of protonmail, and I think your efforts would be rewarded with even greater visibility and customer satisfaction by incorporating the technology that many already use for the same goals that you are trying to accomplish.

    Thank you very much for your service.

  7. Yari

    PGP and being able to use private/public keys with outside users would really be a game changer

  8. Anon

    Ditto – this is a critical feature. Please prioritize!

  9. Anonymous

    The most important thing is that some of your competitors offer PGP options alongside their own secure transmissions (e.g. neomailbox). The lack of this makes your product look like it’s lacking something.

    And as others have mentioned, how do non-Protonmail friends who care about security communicate safely with me without PGP. By using Protonmail, in a way, I become the weak link in their communications! So yes please introduce this feature fully!

  10. Nick

    I agree, pgp support is essential as is support for custom domains. Without these two the product is, in the first instance, not standards compliant and in the second not business-ready. Mainstream commercial use doesn’t need anonymity, but secure correspondence and that requires both of these features. I don’t know what else you’re working on but not making these two an absolute priority is a strategic mistake.

  11. Corwyn

    I can send pgp encrypted/signed e-mail to protonmail, it would be nice to be able to reply back in similar fashion. It would also be good to be able to import public keys to contacts for this purpose.

  12. serroba

    To be able to import the public keys of our friends it would be awesome.

  13. pikfusa

    Absolutely yes please!

  14. Fred

    I cannot agree with the comments above enough. I would love to move to Protonmail, but until I can exchange pgp/gpg with non-protonmail users it simply isn’t an option.

  15. biteater

    Would really be good to use PGP / GnuPG

  16. JD

    This would be nice, and I was also thinking about Receiving PGP emails, which implies the ability for other people to retrieve my public key. This would be great for supporting receiving encrypted email from manual PGP users, or possibly other PGP-conforming email services. Being the “one service which can read them all” may be a boon to adoption, or at least would help general adoption of encrypted email services if they can more or less communicate with each other.

  17. Sulfuror

    In my opinion, this feature is a must. Encryption between protonmail users is great, but right now I don’t know any other person that follows or even have an account in protonmail, so for me is basically like having a gmail account. Of course, my database and my emails are encrypted in your service, but emails to other people I know will be all unencrypted. Right now I can send encrypted emails just to myself.

  18. Rob Ware

    I’m a little confused about PGP and Protonmail. I set up an accounmt today and, as is my habit, created a pgp key pair. I then found that there is a PGP key pair associated with my mail account and that I can import the public key. I therefore revoked my PGP pair. Since I have a habit of signing my Git commits with the private key linked to my git account, though, this leaves me confused. Can I do import my secret key to use for other functions that e-mail?

  19. Robet Strickler

    Since this support webpage wont recognise me as being logged in!?!
    I would like to upvote the feature

  20. protonmail user

    Sadly I can’t up-vote the other great comments.
    This feature is number 1 on my list. Please prioritize.

  21. anon

    This is a number one priority for me. Please add this soon!

  22. another anon

    Please add this one, otherwise the service useless

  23. chris

    The reception of OpenPGP encrypted mails works flawlessly for me. The ability to import and use other OpenPGP public keys from TRUSTED contacts would be a real plus.

    I can’t really see convincing all my business contacts they HAVE to use Proton’s services and most will want a local record of mails they’re sent.

    Please integrate ASAP.

  24. ksa

    up vote

  25. Me Too

    Please add it!! How many ‘up votes’ do you need?

  26. HV

    This is a necessary must have feature.. When you have that and also custom domain as premium – i will be a premium customer and move all my e-mail account here to protonmail. So please, add support for pgp for outside email contact by allow import of public key from trusted people.


  27. Brian

    Yes please! PGP/GPG would provide end to end encryption to the outside world.

  28. tdfdv

    This is a must!

  29. teravice

    Hi. Why is protonmail using 2048 bits key size instead of 4096 bits?

  30. ProtonMail Support

    Because 4096 bit keys take too long to generate on the browser, but we are adding support for 4096 bit keys later this year.

  31. fkr


  32. Anonymous

    MIT invents untraceable SMS text messaging system more secure than Tor

  33. Ben

    Yes, this is very useful. Please add this feature soon.

  34. Florian


  35. dt

    PGP / GPG is a necessity – sine qua non !
    Thank you.

  36. defe

    import PGP/GPG keys to non-protonmail contacts and validate incomming mail signs is very important feature. Please prioritize, thanks.

  37. Matt

    This is also a must-have feature for me, otherwise I will be very limited with my usage of ProtonMail.

  38. Josh

    I’m also very interested in this feature. Protonmail without PGP limits me in a huge way!

  39. Danilo

    Yes! It’s a great feature and opens the doors to the future of protonmail.

  40. Peter

    This is a requirement if you want ProtonMail to be taken seriously

  41. BartK

    This indeed would make this already interesting service even more interesting. Please add!

  42. Tim

    Can’t seem to up-vote, but this feature is a must for me as it would allow for encrypted emails with non-proton mail users, which is still the majority for me

  43. Anonymous

    Is there any way to un-thread email messages ? tnx

  44. Chris R

    I’ve found that Mailvelope (browser add-in) works just fine for PGP in ProtonMail.

  45. anonymous

    i would love this feature

  46. Sandy

    This is a must have feature! Please implement ASAP. A Protonmail customer Coming from Countermail some of my contacts my GPG keys.

  47. Eben Bruyns

    I was about to pay money just for this feature…

    This is a critical feature.

  48. Benjamin Lupton
  49. Hayden

    Please add PGP/GPG support!

  50. Tajvia Willis

    If you implement PGP, consider me a lifelong customer.

  51. Søren

    Would up-vote if I could.

  52. Anonymous

    I think this would be a terrific feature, because otherwise anything that leaves the ProtonMails server can’t be protected…

  53. farooq

    yes that would make proton the perfect email if we could use gpg and import keys

  54. Velcoro

    must have

  55. Anonymous

    Yes, this is practically a must. Please add this feature soon.

  56. Me

    This feature is a must have. With this, I could start recommending ProtonMail to my security fans friends.

  57. Dick

    How do I find my Pgp public key to receive a message?

  58. ProtonMail Support

    For now the public key can be downloaded from the old version at We are working on getting this feature available on the latest version as well.

  59. AJ

    This is the only feature you are missing that I really need to make proper use of my email address with you

  60. Anonymous

    +1 here. yes, GPG is a must. until it is implemented in protonmail, mailvelope or any standalone GPG app could give an answer…

  61. Olivier Mehani

    It would indeed be very desirable, particularly for non tech-savvy people. To go both way, this would off course also need integration in the address book, to store contacts’ public keys.

    That said, I can’t help but notice that it doesn’t seem to be possible to download a public key anymore (see [0]). That’s a bit of a step backwards ):


  62. ProtonMail Support

    We are looking into enabling this. For now the public key can be downloaded from the old version at, until we get this feature back to the latest version.

  63. JB

    up vote

  64. Anonymous

    very important feature

  65. Paulo Pinto

    PGP is a must feature! Please include as soon as possible

  66. X

    Need PGP to Link FB and TIDAL applications.

  67. X

    If ProtonMail wants to shift into the encrypted social media market, I believe that this feature would be super useful…. or an interesting experiment.

  68. Anonymous

    can anyone break down PGP/PGP to an intro level? Any good article-tutorials? much appreciated. 🙂

  69. Jim

    This is a “must have” feature. Users should be able to use their own PGP keys up to 8192 bits supported. This needs to be at the top of the feature list.

  70. Frederic

    I was using PGP/GPG keys with relatives since years. So, I can’t switch from my messaging client software to Protonmail webmail if I can’t read messages encrypted with my own public key and if I can’t load my relatives’ keys to easily write them.

  71. Carlos

    This would be great and a reason (together with a better search) to start using protonmail as my main account

  72. DEC

    Protonmail needs this feature in order to prevent coming the AOL of secure email services.

  73. Itz Intriguing

    My son has gone and installed PGP. It would be great to be able to use that system also.

    I don’t know how my mails to him can be encrypted, as he uses Gmail, provably the most intrusive and nosey lot about. They don’t only tell the governments and NSA, they also tell their advertisers what size of underwear you take!

  74. janmeeuw

    Will be using mailvelope for gmail until implementation.

  75. Xipher

    I’m really confused here.

    I signed up with the intention of purchasing a long term account but wanted to see how well everything worked first, and since PGP/GPG is one of the big key points of ProtonMail I immediately went to send an outside account a PGP/GPG encrypted message and couldn’t.

    The ability to sign and/or encrypt messaged automatically with PGP/GPG was the selling point for me, but it just falls short. This is one of those “day one” initial feature set, basic requirement sort of features for securing mail regardless of its transit and destination since most mail is sent outside of its original service provider’s care, I’m flabbergast this is missing and just… really confused?

    This feature is essential for verification and security, its an accepted standard that is widely used. Pretty much as soon as this is added I’ll be knocking down the door with a “take my money!” attitude about ProtonMail, but without it, and saying its a secure mail service reliant on PGP/GPG without supporting the ability to encrypt outbound mail with the same standards, its just another mail provider, but still a very good mail provider!

  76. Morten


    This is needed real soon.

  77. Anonymous


  78. nomercy


  79. Anonymous


  80. Joel

    please update us on a roadmap for implementing full import/export of pgp/pgp key pairs. thanks!

  81. Don

    C’mon, the PGP feature is a must to have.
    Please, develop it and I will sign-up to the service as soon as it is available.

  82. Jan Harasym

    Also want this, expected it in the plus version, should have checked the FAQ first. Not having PGP for non-protonmail undermines the security model in my eyes, emailing a link to a message is not a good middleground.

  83. Michael Lux

    I also somehow can’t upvote this, but it would be a very desirable feature. (As well as exporting our public keys to the key servers.)

  84. Guest


  85. Anon’s Papa

    Yes please. However, outside users can paste an encrypted text into the email they send to a Protonmail user, and vice versa. Personally, I can’t see any difficulties. If not PGP/GPG, then another encryption type like Threefish 1024bit will do fine too, beside to the encryption of Protonmail until PGP/GPG support is possible. (just saying) 😉

  86. Moonsnail

    Upvote! If I cannot use my friend’s pgp public key to securely communicate with them through an outside provider, protonmail actually LIMITS my security. How hard can it be to incorporate open source code to enter a public key to encrypt a message?

  87. Henry

    Up vote!
    I use other encryption email Thunderbird + Enigmail + Gpg4win
    Love the simplicity of ProtonMail, and how easy it is for non encrypted folks to get encrypted email, a bit plus.

  88. Riseup_friend’s

    It’s a very important feature for have secure communication with other services.
    For exemple, I’have only one friend on ProtonMail, but many on RiseUp.
    And we really need have secure communications this days in my country.

    Thanks for your work !

  89. Finn

    This would be absolutely fantastic. Please make it happen ASAP.

  90. Oscar

    I can’t up-vote the article but would definitely love this feature. I deal with some corporations that provide me with PGP keys to use when I send them emails so this would definitely be extremely useful for me.

  91. ProtonMail Support

    Are you getting any error messages? Can you please try contacting us at

  92. Valdemar

    If nothing else, make the default to PGP sign all outbound messages regardless of ProtonMail recipient or not – at least if the remote party supports PGP, they can validate the origination.

    Having PGP encryption support for non-ProtonMail recipients would be fantastic, and is absolutely necessary for ProtonMail to have any chance of becoming an ubiquitous and competitive service which can interoperate with other secure message services.

    (PS: the up-vote button is non-functional for me too)

  93. Acidkiwi

    Yes please, this is a must! 🙂

  94. Anonymous

    PGP is a must!

  95. J

    PGP is needed!

  96. Anonymous

    PGP should definitely be implemented

  97. Ricardo

    this would be awesome!!

  98. nono

    Please support PGP

  99. TradeUp

    Lots of CryptoCurrency related sites are enabled now for PGP. Would be great if ProtonMail enabled this feature. Seems PGP is becoming more commonplace within the “Personal Privacy” web space anyway, so might as well go with the flow until something else becomes more common. Thanks for listening! Hope this is enabled soon! 🙂

  100. Klaus

    It would increase the crytpo flexibility, if both the sender and the receiver can freely choose to use their customary desktop mail client or the proton webmailer without thereby co-deciding whether they can encrypt and sign or not.
    Preferably in a key management feature, that allows to export one’s protonmail public key in ProtonMail 3.x. Currently the export is only available in earlier versions.

  101. Jose


  102. kiint


  103. Jarrod

    This would be a fantastic feature to implement, I hope it arrives soon.

  104. Phil

    Up-vote! I am not allowed to press the button. PGP capability needs to be added!

  105. Lrnt

    Yes PGP is a critical feature to have. This would help spreading privacy and protonmail.

  106. Danile

    Absolutely! That way I can move to ProtonMail entirely.

  107. Ilya Rusin

    Today I’ve got an invitation to

    But I only can download public key from v2 version of ProtonMail.

    I hope you implement full PGP support soon!

  108. FrodeV

    Upvote as well!!

  109. Opentag

    Yes please to full PGP support!

  110. Flemming Bock

    Where do I get a PGP public key crypt/encrypt my mails?

  111. ProtonMail Support

    We have temporarily removed this feature from V3, but we are adding it back soon. Meantime you can download it by accessing your account here:

  112. Jose

    +1 Can’t vote yes, but it’s a good idea.

    You should be able to store public keys from people you know to send them encrypted email as long as receive encrypted email directly from them (external accounts).

  113. German M.

    +1 it is a must.

  114. Anonymous

    +1 a mustttt!!!!

  115. DR

    Upvote. It’s a must

  116. Chas Newport

    Given the existence of the excellent Mailvelope plugin for Chrome, I think you should give this a high priority.

  117. Anonymous

    Can’t vote up either.. Any progress on this? Would really love PGP to be available

  118. ProtonMail Support

    You can use the vote buttons, but only once. Once you have clicked on helpful/not helpful the button becomes inactive, and you can only click the other one to change your vote.

  119. Anonymous

    +1 would be one of the most helpful features! BTW: Great product!

  120. Anonymous

    Yes! Do it now!

  121. Anonymous

    Add this. Please.

  122. Anonymous

    I think it would be useful to comunicate securely with people using other encryption solutions!

  123. Anonymous

    yes, please do support this

  124. hugo

    +1 Great Idea

  125. Corey

    This feature is a critical deal-breaker for me!! I’m impressed overall with ProtonMail’s system, but I cannot use it as my primary provider without the ability to manage PGP encrypted emails reliably.

    I’m holding on to my account for now, to give ProtonMail time to develop this, but the service is of limited usefulness to me without it.

  126. Lfqg


    Neeeeed thiiiiisss 🙂

  127. Anonymous

    yes please !!!! PGP

  128. Roo

    This would make this service superb.
    ProtonMail is a great service & pretty clever, but GPG would make it ‘sing’
    Do it.

  129. Bugs Bunny

    C’mon guys..let’s not gat lazy, just use GPA or alike and paste PGP text in compose box.
    The only drawback, Protonmail says it could not decrypt the message (probably because he finds pgp text where clear text should be and then assumes decryption failed)

    Yep it would be cool but we can get around untill it arrives

  130. RightOn

    I am using Mailvelope with Protonmail and it works great.

  131. Patric

    Would be a great and a natural additional feature to add as soon you guys can 🙂

  132. Jason Caldwell

    +1 for the ability to import keys.

  133. Anon-&on&on

    I opened this account because I assumed it used PGP. This is an essential security feature.

  134. Atheoz

    Tbh, I assumed this was possible when I bought the service. I mean, I have this ability in my own email client! I thought the “send to people without ProtonMail” was for those who did not have a key at all.

  135. John Kenny

    I would REALLY like to have this feature

  136. Steve B.

    Also can’t up-vote and am a +1 for being able to import/store keys.

  137. Steve

    I agree this should be prioritized. I will not fully migrate to PM until it is possible to both send and receive using PGP. If implemented, I would consider a paid account.

  138. Anonomous

    +1, just installed Gpg4win and went to send my protonmail account an signed/encrypted email from my business account managed through Thunderbird and seem to have found I can’t decrypt the message, which is ultimately very irritating, to be honest.

  139. lj

    +1 to be able to import keys, especially for custom domains we have registered on our accounts.

  140. Adam Kunicki

    Please please please add this.

  141. Anonymous

    PGP is essential for me too. I was about to sign up to the 4 euro/month version but without PGP I don’t really feel it’s necessary. I read that the subject line is not encrypted for some reason. This also turns me off the service. However, Protomail may still end up the best option by the time I’m finished my searching.

  142. ProtonMail Support

    Subject line we don’t encrypt to make it easier to search, and also so that we can enable conversation mode. It is also required for future PGP compatibility.

  143. Tomas

    Protonmail seems a very good option for users to opt for secure mail. I just made an account, but was indeed a bit disappointed that Protonmail, although using PGP, can’t receive PGP encrypted msgs from outside. I think that this is the nr 1 priority to build in, and/or together with the possibility to use protonmail with pop or imap.
    I personally don’t like the idea that all my mail is stored somewhere on a remote server (as with IMAP), but at least Protonmail is encrypted…

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