How to connect a custom domain

Connecting your custom domain to ProtonMail creates a personalized and secure email experience.

Once you have a domain and you’ve upgraded to a paid ProtonMail plan, you can go to SettingsProtonMailDomain Names to connect it.

How to add a domain name in ProtonMail

After adding the domain name, you can follow the setup wizard, which involves changing your domain’s DNS records. Once you have completed the required steps (Verify, Addresses, and MX), you will be able to send and receive emails in your account using the custom domain addresses that you have set up!

We recommend setting up Anti-spoofing on your custom domain for added security, and for preventing your address to be abused.

Below are some additional articles to assist you while setting up ProtonMail Professional accounts:

[You are currently here] Step 1: Setting up Your Domain(s)

Step 2: Creating your Organization

Step 3: Setting up User(s)

Step 4: Migration of existing email messages

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  1. LMQ

    Please document how to use the SAME custom domain within MULTIPLE ProtonMail accounts.

    My situation is a small company whose email will be hosted on ProtonMail. So we want,, etc.

    Great product!

  2. Palle

    Tempted by this option really. But how would I import mails from another account? Normally it’s easy via a normal mail client and a POP3 or IMAP account, and then drag and drop messages to upload old messages?

  3. Manu

    What if I already have mailboxes in my hosting plan and only want to host some mailboxes within Protonmail ? is it possible ?

  4. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please send us all the details at

  5. A

    YES = Please document how to use the SAME custom domain within MULTIPLE ProtonMail accounts.

    i already have a pro account, but for some reason only i can be able to have various email addresses on our custom domain instead of others within the company who already have proton mail accounts.

    could you please, PLEASE get this documentation up, LMQ asked for this a whole month ago and there hasn’t even been a response on here from you guys!

  6. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately at this moment, you cannot use the same domain on multiple ProtonMail accounts. This feature will be available in the near future.

  7. Anonymous

    SO agree with LMQ @ top here… Multiple accounts managed from one like Googla Apps but Encrypted and EU :)

  8. Trey Bradford

    I want to transfer a domain from godaddy to The domain is Can you direct me where to go and what to do ? I want to TRANSFER a DOMAIN to

  9. ProtonMail Support

    We do not host domains, you need to have the domain on a registrar, and you can use it with ProtonMail. For more information you can contact us on or via the Report bug button.

  10. digger

    Yes, my situation is similar to LMQ’s. I have a custom domain for my household. How can I set up so each user has their own login?

  11. ProtonMail Support

    At this moment we do not support sub users, which means that you can’t have different login credentials for the addresses you add. We are working on adding this feature in the future.

  12. Ray

    Any update on “SAME custom domain within MULTIPLE ProtonMail accounts” ?
    That´s the feature many users need now….

  13. EZ

    First I need a Custom Domain name, how do I get such a name? Please add to the page.

  14. ProtonMail Support

    In order to set up a custom domain, you need to own one. At this moment we do not provide and host any domains.

  15. Scott Van Boeyen

    Tried to add my custom domain and it said that the domain was invalid. Are there a list of domains that are invalid? The reason I bought premium was to be able to add my own domain… If it doesn’t work I’ll have to look for a different solution

  16. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please send us the details at

  17. Tommy

    “Please document how to use the SAME custom domain within MULTIPLE ProtonMail accounts.

    My situation is a small company whose email will be hosted on ProtonMail. So we want,, etc.

    Great product!”

    I am also very interested in this feature.

  18. ProtonMail Support

    Hello, at this moment you cannot add your custom domain on multiple premium ProtonMail accounts. We are working on adding these features in the near future.

  19. Matt

    Ditto regarding multiple accounts on the same domain. Would like to switch for family mail domain.

  20. JAG

    No one appears to have answered this very basic questions: can a custom domain be shared between multiple users on ProtonMail? such as a small company, or a family shared domain. Or will the custom domain be exclusive use to the one individual’s account

  21. ProtonMail Support

    For now the custom domain addresses can only be used by the ProtonMail account that it has been added to. There are no different login credentials for the addresses you add. We are working on adding sub users and a business premium plan in the future.

  22. Eli

    I would like it to be the same as in gmail:

    1. login to my domain provider/manager
    2. set a forward to my proton mail account
    3. in proton mail there would be an option to send “from” one of my other email accounts, and verify it is mine by sending to that email with a verification number/link
    4. from then on I can choose to send email “from” this email address

    I am not happy with paying $50-60 a year for this feature when proton mail just allows a different “from” email address each time and do no other work for that $50-60 ongoing cost

    This is a deal breaker for me because I have all of my emails sent to/from the email of my private domain (for this exact reason – so I can switch email providers without switching email addresses), so without this I have to tell every company and person I have ever kept contact with to change my email address to my proton email address….

    I really love the interface, and the security and what you stand for and provide, but
    – without free email aliases as described; and
    – without 2 factor authentication
    this can not be something I am able to use.

    Would be great if these became available in the future.

  23. Valdemar

    I’m in the same camp as previous posters, however, I’d like to see the following combination of features for all users

    – 2FA or at least TOTP support (e.g. SMS, RSA token, Google Authenticator, Authy Account etc.)
    – Account Login Restrictions (e.g. IP Address locking)
    – PGP/GPG Private Key management functions, to allow for exporting keys, key rollover, and eventually accessing ProtonMail using IMAP (fat) clients with PGP/GPG plugins to parse the encrypted payloads

    and features for custom domains:

    – Principle Account with either managed sub-accounts or authenticated account to domain alias mappings to share custom domain names (user1@custom.domain authorises alias of user2@custom.domain ->
    – Custom domain-only users with user principles within domain (user1@custom.domain instead of custom_user1 with aliases applied)
    – Consumption of external Authentication Tokens (e.g. OAUTH or SAML) instead of the Login password
    – Restrictions to enforce user account access only via a private WebClient instance (WebClient client certificate validation or Referrer checking depending on the browser access/WebClient data pathways)
    – Catch-all mappings and unlimited aliases as the default for custom domain names so you can create (for example) firstname@lastname.custom.domain and *@firstname.lastname.custom.domain

  24. Leonhardt Wille

    When will catch-all for custom domains be available? I just signed up for Pro and I’m disappointed that I now have to migrate back to GoogleMail, as I’m always using different name parts of my custom domain when I sign up for internet services (like The lack of this feature renders the service completely useless to me.

  25. kirill

    how change to

  26. ProtonMail Support


    Unfortunately, once the account is created we cannot change your address to .com.

    This is possible by upgrading your account to premium plan and create the .com address into your premium account.

  27. Chandu Hamaka

    i have a domain that is how can i use here like

  28. ProtonMail Support

    You need to upgrade your account to premium plan and follow the guide for setting up your custom domain:

    Please note that you must have access to edit your DNS records on your domain.

  29. ROBERT


  30. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please contact us at

  31. Will

    I am lost with the jargon. What is “DNS Records” and where do I access it, so as to edit it/them to what ever?
    The folks I have asked to assist me with both Tor & ProtonMail haven’t come across you fellas before and are skeptical of both. I’d like to think that you’re legit & reading reviews seems like you are. Trouble is, it seems that I have gotta go back to school to learn all this stuff. (Im in mid 50’s)
    If you can point me to a site or assist bit by bit, that would be appreciated.

  32. ProtonMail Support

    Hi Will,
    You will need to own a domain and edit your DNS records via your register. You cannot edit these records into your ProtonMail account.
    For more information please visit this link:
    Please contact us at and we will gladly provide more details.

  33. Viktoria

    Hello! do you provide your own domains to be set after “@”
    We just need addresses that deffer from each other

  34. ProtonMail Support

    We do not offer hosting our own domains. We will consider thid in the future.

  35. shirley

    I m totally new to protonmail. Just need a secure mailbox for my small company.

    I used for my domain.

    However I didn’t find any information required to change the DNS records. Can anyone help?

    TXT (Text) + Add another
    SPF + Add another
    SRV + Add another
    MX (Mail Exchange) MX records can be edited from the Mailboxes Settings
    NS (Name Servers) NS records are not editable

  36. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please contact us at

  37. Ken

    Hello, we have our own hosting provider and the registrar OnlyDomains only delegates to the hosting DNS. Our MX records are with the Hosting provider. This is where we would need to make the edits correct?

  38. ProtonMail Support

    You can learn more about the verification and MX records here:

  39. Maciej

    I’d like to switch to ProtonMail from GMail but it seems I won’t be able to setup my work email address because I don’t own the domain. Is there any other way to add an email address to my ProtonMail account? In GMail all it took to use the “send as” feature was a verification email.

  40. ProtonMail Support

    For now this can’t be done. You need to own the domain, to be able to send messages from that address.

  41. Alean


    is there any update on the “send as” feature ? It quite important for professional users which need to send email from professional address (name@compagny) and do not own the domain.


  42. ProtonMail Support

    This cannot be done at the moment. We will consider this feature in the future, but we cannot speculate on when/if it will be available.

  43. David

    Great product but still waiting on the sub-accounts feature. Not practical to move domain MX records for one user which then deprives all others of their mailboxes.
    Would be happy to pay plenty for this feature as I’m sure would many other small businesses.
    You mentioned in this thread you were adding it ‘very soon’ six months ago.

    Also, a .NET API would be a huge help as not only could my server send automated sensitive financial reports but it would allow 3rd party developers to create plugins for existing mail clients.

  44. Brian

    Can I use a domain I own both for custom protonmail and to set up a website, I have access to my DNS

  45. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, that’s possible. Only the MX record needs to change to use your domain with ProtonMail.

  46. Bonnie

    I do not understand how to verify my custom domain name, and how to enter the text re: verifying the DNS records using the code. The process on how and where to enter the code to do the verification properly seems confusing. If I can’t get past that step I won’t be able to use my custom domain. I have a professional account, and sent an e-mail to the Proton Mail support team for help, and have not had a reply yet.

  47. ProtonMail Support

    You enter the ProtonMail verification code as a TXT record in your domain registrar’s DNS settings. Your support request should be answered by now, most support requests are answered within 24 hours of submission.

  48. S

    Would like to pass from Gmail with my own domain but would like to try first. Can I link some domain to Pro account and after this to change it to another domain?
    Thanks in advance

  49. ProtonMail Support

    If you want to add another domain, you can either remove the old one and add the new domain, or upgrade your subscription for multiple domains if you need more than one active domain.

  50. Constance

    I have an existing gmail account. What does the custom domain means? Can I use the same one and appears still with ‘’ though it is a protonmail in essence? So I can get protonmail’s encrypted functions and still get to use the same email address?
    Thank you

  51. ProtonMail Support

    You can only add domains which you can access the DNS settings for, e.g. “”, you cannot add other email providers such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

  52. CB

    Was reading the above thread, now about 23 months or so from its origin. Was wondering if the issues brought up by LMQ and digger have been addressed yet? Would like to do something similar.

  53. ProtonMail Support

    Our Professional and Visionary plans now support adding sub-users using the same custom domain.

  54. Tibi

    I need help with setting up an SPF record in Google Domains. You ask that it be set up as a TXT record with the @ name although that record already exists as the verification record. I am not allowed to set up a second TXT record with the name @. Besides, Google Domains has an SPF type record. Why not use that instead? Why use the TXT version? And how do I add to the first TXT record a second entry if it must be TXT? Thank you.

  55. Proton Editor

    Try leaving the name blank or enter your domain as the name (e.g. You should be able to add multiple TXT records to a domain.

  56. dmentiy

    Good afternoon!
    Can I add more domains and thus have multiple accounts for each domain, or should there be an account for each domain?

  57. ProtonMail Support

    You can add multiple domains to a ProtonMail account and afterwards, you can assign custom domain addresses to sub-users (Professional and Visionary plans) or add custom domain addresses as aliases for the main ProtonMail address (all paid plans).

  58. Dominik

    Hey there: Is a new domain mail adress also an alias? I want to know if a custom domain uses one of the free alias adresses I’m able to use in the plus plan (if upgrading).

  59. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, custom domain addresses count toward your address quota, just like additional ProtonMail addresses.

  60. Nicolas

    You don’t integrate non-technical instructions into the set-up process, a user is just set afloat with no idea what most of the required settings mean or do. You should make it clear that you don’t intend for your product to be used by non-technical users, or bother to create a process that is fully explanatory.

  61. ProtonMail Support

    If you need assistance setting up a custom domain, please contact our support team at,, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  62. Clement

    Good morning Protonmail team!
    I would need to setup a private domain name with hostinger, so I’ve followed the steps to register a new TXT based redirection but it seems not taken into account by the protonmail client… Is hostinger excluded from the list of DNS hosts? Or is it another issue perhaps with my config.

    Thank you in advance, it would be perfect if I could get this feature enabled for my enterprise.
    And being able to setup an organization in the future as well…

  63. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team:

  64. Anonymous

    Zakupiłem “plan Plus”, w którym zapewniacie jedną niestandardową domenę. nie mogę jej stworzyć. Wyświetla mi się komunikat “niewłaściwa nazwa domeny”. dla mojego konta [redacted] próbuję stworzyć domenę [redacted] (lub .com)
    Proszę o informację zwrotną jak uruchomić tą domenę lub będę zmuszony wrócić do planu darmowego, gdyż plan Plus będzie dla mnie bezużyteczny.
    Marek Morzycki.

  65. ProtonMail Support

    ProtonMail does not offer domain registration services. You will need to purchase a domain name from a third party domain registrar which you can then use in ProtonMail. If you need help with setting up your domain after purchasing it, our support team can assist you:

  66. tom

    Unabel to log in at public library computer

  67. ProtonMail Support

    Some of the necessary browser features for ProtonMail to work may be disabled by the admins there.

  68. Anon

    Hi I just signed up for the basic paid account in order to get a custom domain for my business but after reading the related articles in your help section I’m seeing no option for doing this and no option for contacting you. I’m now paying for a service I’ve no idea how to access. Someone please contact me!!

  69. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team using the support form at

  70. N/a

    Hello, could you please write link for incoming and outcoming mail services? Thank you!

  71. ProtonMail Support

    IMAP/SMTP support is only available via the ProtonMail Bridge app:

  72. Holly Simms

    I have the paid version of and I’d like my personal contacts to go to that address. I’d like my business contacts to go to my address. Right now, they’re all mixed up together under the ProtonMail address. I thought that with the paid version we could have up to 5 addresses but if I can’t separate them, I don’t see what good that is. Obviously, I’m missing something. Please, if you could give very,VERY simple instructions on how to accomplish my goal, I’d like to make my proton mail more useful.
    Finally, and if you’re all young you won’t understand this, but could you PLEASE offer the option to enlarge type, particularly on emails coming in because the type is infinitesimal on my iPhone.

  73. ProtonMail Support

    You can use custom Folders, Labels, and Filters for easier management of your mailbox:

    You can see how to create a secondary address on the following link:

  74. Doug

    Please add my voice to those who have requested that you start hosting domains yourself. This would be simpler and more convenient than the procedure you describe in the setup instructions above. I sometimes see email sent via my present domain host rejected because it is on a spam blacklist. I assume this would not happen if Proton were the host!

  75. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, this wouldn’t help. If your domain is blacklisted, it doesn’t matter much where it’s hosted, the actual domain name is the one on a blacklist. In cases like this, most blacklists offer a way to contact them in order to remove your domain.

  76. Mike Marsh

    Re: Add A Custom Domain
    Its been over 24 hours since using the Set Up Wizard. I keep getting a “set up” error when I go to verify. Ca you please sort the problem

  77. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team:

  78. Anton

    Can i use my custom domain if its .ca?

  79. ProtonMail Support

    Yes, there’s no limitation based on the TLD.

  80. George Martinez

    What is Protonmail SMTP server name? I have tried, .com, .ch and nothing works. I am trying to setup my SMTP in the clickfunnel account.

  81. ProtonMail Support

    IMAP/SMTP support is only available via the ProtonMail Bridge for supported desktop email clients:

  82. Torbjørn B. Lauen

    “Step 4: Migration of existing email messages (Coming 2018)”

    Is this coming anytime soon?

  83. ProtonMail Support

    Hi! The Import/Export app is available in beta:

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