Third party email client setup (Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail)

ProtonMail Bridge is an application that seamlessly encrypts and decrypts your mail as it enters and leaves your computer.

It allows you to fully integrate your ProtonMail account with a third-party client that supports IMAP and SMTP protocols, such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird and Apple Mail. This includes support for importing emails into your ProtonMail account from other email accounts that are connected to the same client, as well as full-text search of your ProtonMail emails from within your client.

Currently, versions for macOS, Windows, and Linux are available on the ProtonMail Bridge homepage, along with frequently asked questions and detailed setup instructions for each of the supported clients. 

The ProtonMail Bridge software is currently available only to paying ProtonMail users. However, this may change in the future to include free users as we develop our infrastructure, 

ProtonMail also offers applications for iOS and Android for easy access on your mobile device. 

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  1. Jan Hubbard

    Proton Mail Support Staff,
    I am very excited about my newly activated proton mail account. I am using Thunderbird for my email as I have way to many emails. I am very interested in adding my proton mail account to Thunderbird. My goal is to have too active email accounts icloud and protonmail.
    One is for business related stuff like online shopping and protonmail is for personal emails. I like the way it is set up very simple and easy to use.
    Thank you, J Hubbard

  2. Ingo

    Yes, I would appreciate if protonmail could be integrated into email clients like apple mail etc. Is it a security issue?

  3. Shamas

    Yeah even i agree if there was a Protonmail app for all major mobile phones it would be a great advantage but at the moment everything is working smoothly from what i’ve used.

  4. James

    It would be very helpful if I could download Protnmail with Thunderbird. I don’t keep many emails but that would make it very easy to have a permanent copy on a laptop of those few essential messages.

  5. Markus Pitkänen

    Hi! I would also appreciate if this mail service could be integrated into email client like Apple mail.

  6. Lukas

    Protonmail-addon for thunderbird is a must!

  7. Bob

    Though I can understand it’s difficult to combine IMAP / POP / SMTP capability with ProtonMail’s internal encryption, I do support the opinion of the other persons who have commented here and hope it will be possible soon to use ProtonMail in at least the major email clients (like Thunderbird, derivatives like Postbox, and Apple Mail).

  8. HC

    integration with android mail clients e.g. like k9 mail

  9. Dawn

    Thunderbird integration, yes, please!

    I think Thunderbird should take priority over Apple Mail, Outlook, and other closed-source, proprietary clients since it’s both open-source and platform-agnostic (works on Windows, Mac and Linux.)

    I imagine there’s also significant overlap between the privacy-conscious and the Mozilla community.

  10. Andreas

    Old user of fetchmail-procmail-mutt-msmtp with several mail servers. Using GPG with almost… nobody! That’s why I appreciate so much Protonomail, a lot easier for involving people. However, I would like so much to have the possibility to integrate Protonmail with fetchmail-mutt-msmtp. Understand is not trivial…

    P.S. Sorry for having posted in another, lessa appropriate, thread

  11. Dale

    I add my voice to ask for POP or IMAP integration.

  12. Simon Holledge

    Apple Mail integration, yes, please! I need to archive my emails. If I can’t do this, then unfortunately I won’t be able to use ProtonMail as my main email. Thanks.

  13. Caleb

    Would love to be able to interact with proton mail in the BlackBerry Hub on BlackBerry 10

  14. Cwhvgj3mhyw

    Something like a RESTful servicve would be nice. It could speed up addon development a lot.

  15. Jonathan Armendariz

    Even if you don’t plan to allow for POP/IMAP/SMTP access perhaps a dedicated app for Chrome and one for iOS and Android would be. That way you could still keep the encrypted ecosystem intact.

    I understand that Protonmail is in beta but it’s something to think about.

  16. SL

    Please talk to the people running the Tails OS (Tor-related). If your e-mail service could somehow become integrated with their system, it would be magical. Yes, MAGICAL!

  17. Erik

    Though I can appreciate the desire for folks to integrate ProtonMail into their existing clients, I’m wondering if perhaps it would be preferable for there to be a dedicated ProtonMail app instead which integrates the double-layer of security upon which this platform is built. Also, though I am by no means an expert, I think existing e-mail clients aren’t (yet) built to support multiple layers of authentication, which is another reason to continue pushing the envelope by developing a dedicated client (which could, of course, then provide guidance for improving existing e-mail clients by the companies who make them). My 2 cents. :-) Thanks for what you’re doing, my friends!

  18. Mrheyj

    I recently received notification that I am included on the Beta for this OUTSTANDING service. I am extremely excited to be involved with the projects user side. I feel that third party integration should be a high priority with Outlook and Thunderbird, second only to the development of the overall email system in itself. I believe that most would benefit from this integration and most would prefer to have this option in the future.

  19. Ashley

    I’d love to be able to access my ProtonMail account via my BlackBerry Device. I feel it would better accentuate my mobile mail endeavors… Especially when life is spent on the go, sometimes it’s just you and your mobile… I’d enjoy a bit more integration IF it didn’t diminish the integrity of its’ entire purpose, that is… If too much would be compromised, than obviously the comfort wouldn’t be worth the sacrifice… But, if it can be done, I know I’d appreciate a little 3rd party flexibility…

  20. user

    Please we need this integrated into blackberry devices. Going to browser and entering 2 layers of passwords is very laborious

  21. claus

    I second the need for Blackberry devices! Would be nice to have ProtonMail in the Hub!

  22. Doerte

    As much as I understand the requests for integration/ access/ compatability with third party applications, I hope that the ProtonMail team keeps true to their double encryption philosophy. After all, that is one of the major things which makes ProtonMail so awsome. And, let’s be honest, if somebody feels that the 2 password entry is a pain, they should perhaps ask themselves whether they’re with the right email provider to begin with.
    Having said that, and not hindered by any expert knowledge, I could imagine some “meet demands half way” kind of scenarios. I mean, if full access is not in accordance with the main Protonmail principle of double encryption, wouldn’t a POP/SMTP notification of new mail (so just the number of new messages as unencrypted info, without any further information) not help people out massively?

  23. Ben Lavery

    Either a cross-platform native Protonmail client would be awesome, or the ability to use Protonmail use existing third party clients, perhaps with a plugin to “show/hide” emails — “showing” emails would require a Protonmail password and decrypt inbox is what I’m thinking to keep local mails secure.

  24. souvik

    I love my new protonmail account. protonmail is almost perfect and imap access will make it perfect. Don’t need anything else.

  25. Anatzum

    It almost seems like the implementation would have to be on the client side in order to work with protonmail. Since there are two layers of security in order to access your mail, the first layer for the account I would think is already a capability thunderbird or any client has. It’s the second layer for the mailbox that is unique. If there was a packet being sent to the client telling it about the second layer or if the expectation of a second layer was added to the client when looking up I believe the problem would be solved. Maybe contacting thunderbird would yield more promising results. Thunderbird being an opensource software I would expect they would be more then willing to add that functionality in their program.

  26. toxolotl

    if thunderbird worked with protonmail, this world would be sooo much better.

  27. Anonymous

    How about something that detects new mail, and optionally shows it’s subject, and when you click on it, a (new?) browser(tab?) opens up.

  28. Anonymous

    “How about something that detects new mail, and (optionally) pops up the mail’s subject, and then when you click on it, a (new?) browser(private?tab?window?) opens up.” [edited]
    by this I ment like a tray icon for Windows/Linux/etc…
    The icon can show counts of new, unread, and/or total email, and there can be a popup that also happens when the mouse pointer goes over it.

  29. andromeda

    Please add support for BlackBerry 10 email client. It would be just perfect!

  30. Jessie

    A vote for POP3 capability. I use a fantastic email client called PostBox which is made by the people who created Thunderbird. To be able to combine ProtonMail and PostBox would be a dream come true — a perfect email world. Thank you ProtonMail; it is phenomenal and I’m deeply grateful.

  31. Fabian

    Protonmail integration into MailMate would also be great

  32. User

    I vote for Blackberry integration for business!

  33. Anonymous

    thunderbird add on please!

  34. Phil Abernathy

    Thunderbird access requested!!!!

  35. ISD

    An absolute requirement! I’m eager to get to grips with PMail, but to do so I really need it to be from my Linux desktop in Thunderbird.
    Excellent work from the PMail team so far – keep going!

  36. Oren

    This is such an important feature for adoption. Logging into proton-mail’s web UI can be tedious.
    So many of us manage our email life through some sort of software like Outlook or Thunderbird.
    I would suggest some plug-in for Outlook that could access the same encrypt/decrypt mechanism the browser is using. I’m guessing it could easily be ported using node.js.

  37. Greg

    As for the integration with mail clients, it would be a nice thing for sure. But, I would love having a dedicated proton app where I could use my TouchID (iPhone) as my public encryption key

  38. CWC

    Protonmail and BlackBerry phones. A match made in heaven! Please make this happen. Android users clearly don’t give a hoot about their privacy :P Or else, why are they on Android?!

  39. heliox

    I’d like it very much to be compatible with Thunderbird. Thanks for this privacy abiding service anyway!

  40. jhx4mp

    This would be neat, but it would result in the loss of an important feature of ProtonMail: a mailbox password. However, suppose that the very first time you tried to access ProtonMail from a third-party client (logging in with the first account password), you’d have five minutes to log into ProtonMail normally (in a web browser) and authorize the third-party application (this would only be the first time). Twitter and OpenWeatherMap use similar API keys to identify authorized apps later. However, I don’t know how ProtonMail could then check to make sure that future requests are authorized… Anyway, I don’t think there is much of a solution besides ProtonMail making it’s own applications for Linux, Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS.

  41. Mr.A

    Some things we need for Protonmail are as below (urgent):

    Fully supported in Thunderbird, K9mail, Claws-mail.
    Release the rights of the usage of PGP keys.
    Hidden Service with “.onion”.
    Mail server can be accessed through “Torbirdy”.
    Full function supported in encrypt, decrypt, sign, verify that operate both for PGP and V5.09 S/MIME Cert.
    SMTP and IMAP supported.

    Thanks a lot.

  42. PeterPo

    Or simply make your own email client. With even better security features and more privacy concious than what the current offer of mail clients is.

  43. Louis Holder

    I see that you are making an app for Android which has the most unsecured os of all devices but yet BlackBerry has been left out again who has the most secure OS of all devices. Can you please make a native app for BlackBerry or inplement HUB integration? Millions of BlackBerry users would appreciate this.

  44. y371

    Casual encryption is totally the way to go, but I don’t think it requires a clean break from all existing technologies. At the very least integration with existing technologies as a transitional measure would be your #1 vehicle for adoption. You should have this, build your bridges for your users to come.

  45. bhl

    I don’t see much future for proton mail without client support.

  46. Kyo

    Mr. A. has the right idea. I really love seeing the progress here at ProtonMail and the attention to security details. I’m glad to see that external PGP is becoming supported, but I really would love to see some comprehensive support for email clients like Thunderbird, Kontact/Evolution, K9Mail (android) and others. I personally use Thunderbird as my main mail client and while I understand the “ease of use” element of having everything browser-based, my understanding is that a all the features that ProtonMail provides should be able to be implemented through a correctly configured client like Thunderbird (ie you have to have OpenPGP and Enigmail etc..).

    Furthermore, I’d like to see if ProtonMail could bring your commitment to privacy and openness to groupware implementations – such as allowing FLOSS standards for calendaring/tasks/contacts (along with import/export etc), when possible..perhaps through the use of Kolab groupware features? Just some ideas; one step at a time and keep up the good work!

  47. lopan

    Without 3rd party computer apps this is close to useless. I hate web based mail. You guys wrote ios and android, why not a computer based app? It’s not that hard.

  48. ALan

    Thunderbird integration through a plugin makes the most sense because it’s both platform agnostic and open-source. This is a client that nearly anyone can use; add to that the fact that it’s a great client.

  49. Mario

    I would apreciate very much, if , I could see and control my e-mails on my Protonmail account, through Microsoft’s Outlook.
    Thank you in advance

  50. Rob Ware

    I would be very keen to see protonmail integrate in some way with Thuderbird, Mutt etc. In the meantime, since this is not trivial, a means of auto-redirecting certain (non-encrypted) mails (github comments etc.) might be a workaround for some of the difficulties with webmail for those of us who have a number of e-mail addresses and tend to favour the use of clients. Christopher Soghoian and others have recently discussed using Mutt as an alternative to accessing mail through web browsers and while Proton’s standards of security are doubtless very high it is true that there are many who are interested in tech security who favour the avoidance of browsers when working with sensitive information.

  51. Richard Frost

    Would be extra nice for Proton Mail to design and have their own e-mail client from the ground up.
    The only true way to ensure security and ease of enchantment’s, tested and proven.

  52. herman

    It would be very fine to use ProtonMail with thunderbird.

  53. 54v4nn4h

    Hope to integrate PM soon to my Blackberry Hub. Is still the best solution for easy-usw communication.

  54. Stephen Partington

    Some thoughts on this. We as a technology culture need more ready to use and apply end to end encryption. If the app does not yet exist then it needs to be made. Stay true to your roots and then work with people to fully enable end to end encryption from the device to the device.

    Enable the use ot enigmail and similar technologies so that the chain of trust is complete.

  55. Andrei

    It would be great to use it in Apple Mail or as an app.

  56. Bart

    Not the first one to say it, but being able to interact with Protonmail in BlackBerry Hub would be a real blessing. Privacy-focused e-mail + privacy-focused OS + all the goodness from BlackBerry Hub = just total AWESOMENESS!

    Please make it happen :)

  57. Alex

    Yes, I would definitely love to have protonmail on my thunderbird. Last piece of my massive email puzzle. Thanks!

  58. nw224

    Hi all,

    The simplest solution is to forward your emails to an external mailbox, since the ability to have a client serving/receiving emails locally defeats the purpose/ modus vivendi of the proton in the shape and form we’re experiencing it now :)

  59. Joe Huard

    I have been using Thunderbird for a very long time, and I like its features. I would be happy with being able to use it with ProtonMail. This would be enough to not need any other features, as I like to store emails for a couple of years. I also like the Folder feature, and group email lists that you don’t have.

  60. Anonymous

    It’s important to have ProtonMail connect to Thunderbird and alike.

  61. laurent

    It is important to have this feature available

  62. William Thompson

    Yes Proton is rather useless without this integration. I don’t want to have to check a special website to see yet another email account.

  63. xvrt

    really good job! please fix to sync in blackberrys or thunderbird

  64. Jabberwok

    so can i use windowns live with protonmail?

  65. Anonymous

    I feel like having a stand-alone client designed with ProtonMail at first place is better than sticking ProtonMail to something like Thunderbird. To be honest I feel like sticking support for other services into PM’s own mail client will be a better privacy solution than trying to build on someone’s code and endangering privacy (especially when enabling proprietary applications to work with PM.

  66. marcin

    ! ProtonMail with ThunderBird would be great!

  67. Seamas

    Thunderbird supported use please

  68. David

    Yes, another vote to integrate with Thunderbird. Thanks.

  69. SEA

    Yes PLEASE make this where we can use it with Apple Mail and other programs! Way more secure on my laptop than it would be on a phone!! Plus one less browser page to keep open, something I already have too many of on a regular basis…

  70. C


  71. ed linskey

    I would like to donate via paypal. Are you able to do that?



  72. PM

    Thank you for ProtonMail!

    I also think access via Thunderbird and other similar applications would be great.

  73. Aaron

    ProtonMail should definitely partner up with blackberry and bring back BIS (Blackberry Internet Service). That would be so awesome!

  74. Oliver

    I can’t believe there is still no mail client integration. So I can’t use Thunderbird, I can’t export mail and I only have 500MB storage! I’m starting to wonder why I just donated.

  75. VJ

    I hope that any IMAP capabilities will be available for Apple Mail, and Thunderbird.

  76. James Taylor

    Couldn’t Protonmail strike a deal with popular email clients such as Apple Mail, Thunderbird, etc and make an extension that allowed Protonmail?

  77. Gaiko

    I would be satisfied if there was a way to just download my email and then import it into an email client, that can’t be soooo hard right? Like download as a pst file or whatever formats TB can use. I just want some assurance that I am not going to loose all my emails someday, I hope to god that protonmail doesn’t die but if it does i don’t want to loose my emails with it.

  78. Compass North

    I like using Thunderbird for my e-mail and would really like being able to incorporate ProtonMail with Thunderbird provided the security already provided by ProtonMails security is not hampered.
    Maybe to be able to import my Thunderbirds Enigmail key into ProtonMail and then, because I have provided the key from Thunderbird, ProtonMail were to accept my e-mail and “forward” it to the desired reciepients with the option to have it encrypted with that key or not encrypted etc…
    Regardless of whether ProtonMail provides 3rd party integration, I will still keep using ProtonMail.It’s a GREAT piece of software and one of the only e-mail services that does not want me to “verify” my location when checking e-mail and thus keep tabs on my location like it’s any body’s business! …. Good job ProtonMail!!

  79. Alice

    Yep, I would love to have ProtonMail work with Thunderbird as well. This would be really really handy :)

  80. Bill Jackson

    third party client support, ability to download your keys for use in other programs…

  81. Brian Holmes

    Sigh. I got VERY interested in ProtonMail after seeing a post about the iOS app on, and I’m very impressed with what I’ve read here, BUT, if I have to use a browser to access my ProtonMail account from my family’s Macs, I’m very unlikely to use it. I suppose my desire for encrypted email capability does not (YET) exceed my desire to use the standard OS X Mail application.

    It’s a shame that doesn’t seem possible at this time, as I would certainly be willing to pay for the “Plus” account if I could use Apple’s Mail.

    As an aside: it took me quite a lot of reading on your website to find out for sure I could NOT use an email client program. IMHO you should make this more clear up front — it could save people a lot of time.

  82. M.princigalli

    I think it would be nice to let us know what time frame to expect for the release of a computer version like Apple Mail. Our small company here would transition fast but we can’t do it if the feature is missing. Having a release date would help us decide if we wait for it or not.

  83. Anonymous

    Thunderbird please!

  84. greg

    Might be fun to wrap it with
    A Node JS / HTML5 Chromium browser to cross platform desktop app.

  85. Cheech

    I’ve been using TBird for many years and would really like to see ProtonMail integrated with it, with or without Enigmail which I already have installed

  86. Robert


  87. yet another getmail-mutt-msmtp user

    Is there any estimation time or due date on this? I believe it’s an essetnial feature.

  88. ProtonMail Support

    We do not have an estimated time for this.

  89. yet another getmail-mutt-msmtp user

    Is there any estimation time or due date or even any progress on this? I believe this is an essential feature to any email service.

  90. ProtonMail Support

    We do not have an estimated time for this.

  91. Anonymous

    Please write a Thunderbird Addon (similar to Enigmail) or allow us to access your services on desktop using something other than the browser…

  92. Anonymous

    Outlook plugin would be great or at least integrate with Gmail.

  93. Marisela Herry

    Wow! This blog looks exactly like my old one! It’s on a completely different subject but it has pretty much the same page layout and design. Outstanding choice of colors!

  94. Anonymous

    I would settle for a Universal Windows App for ProtonMail. I will ditch all native clients in a second.

  95. Automaton

    Give me a Windows Universal App and I will ditch all mail clients instantly.

  96. occupant

    Please let pre account would be users know your service fails these integrations currently so they can not waste an account name,you fail wasting account space,since for some of us,no integration with other services like Thunderbird,=no current use for or of Proton Mail,so people need not make a new Proton Mail account only to be required to delete it as is here now about to be done,& please do let me know when Proton mail does add this ability,thank you. X-member,for now,of Proton Mail.03/2016

  97. James

    Yes I would love to be able to use a mail client with this, whether it’s your own app or not. Just as long as it doesn’t harm the privacy standards.

  98. TV

    Please add support for Thunderbird, this is the deal breaker for many potential user around me.

    Keep up the good work.

  99. Fred

    This is a key feature for me.

  100. Alex

    I use several email accounts so it’s very convinient to use email client. I can’t wait for third party email client support!

  101. Chris

    Postbox integration would be very helpful

  102. Shahaan

    I use Protonmail as my primary and only email account. It would be great to have a native Linux (I use Debian) program to access my Protonmail emails offline. An add-on for Thunderbird or Evolution email clients would be fine, as well, but I think a standalone Protonmail program would be better for maintaining security.

  103. Shahaan

    By the way, I joined the Protonmail for Android app beta a while back and it’s great! Thanks and keep up the good work!

  104. D A

    Yes, this thunderbird feature would be a wonderful addition. I’m setting this up for a friend in a Nepali village, and it costs them a lot for data. Thunderbird is a quick and data-efficient way to receive and send email, and to do this through ProtonMail would be icing on the cake. Thank you

  105. AL

    I’d be very happy with Thunderbird support too.

  106. +1

    +1 please add thunderbird integration

  107. Denis Murdock

    I currently use Windows Live Mail and would be most excited to continue to use that with Protonmail as well in the future.

  108. Adol

    I’m one more for e-mail client software support. Thunderbird being my preference. Sometimes I need to access the e-mail message’s full header information and I still don’t see an option on the web interface.

  109. Andreas

    Yes, please develop a client for Theunderbird :-) Thanks

  110. g202e

    I vote for a possibility to use mail client software like Thunderbird

  111. Ekavati

    Client for Thunderbid, yes. Please. :)

  112. Aj Vajiro

    A standalone Protonmail program for premium customers may be a way…. sometime when causes and conditions support.
    Thank you for all the work

  113. kaos

    The whole point of ProtonMail app is its powerful end to end encryption that wouldnt be possible with a universal email app… ProtonMail is meant to be your secure email app.

    If you want to use it use it separately as a stand alone app like it’s meant to be used or dont and just use your unencrypted Gmail or iCloud accounts with Thunderbird and stop complaining ProtonMail offers a great service as it is….

  114. Max

    Thunderbird, yes please

  115. Bogdan

    Any desktop solution that can download messages pop3-like would be nice

  116. Greg

    Yes, any desktop solution will do (Thunderbird plugin; standalone app; or an in-browse “offline mode”). We would even pay for it!

  117. Solarianne

    +1 for Thunderbird, thanks!

  118. l

    +2 for Thunderbird, ta!

  119. Anonymous

    +3 for Thunderbird.

  120. ProtonMail Support

    The iOS Mail app uses SMTP/POP services, which means when this is available, you will be able to use our service with the app as well.

  121. Exagone313

    What about an API to get emails with another protocol that smtp/pop, so it could be integrated in a custom application.
    I would be interested to use my dedicated server to connect with additional security features and larger possibilities. Also, the private key wouldn’t be able to be stolen by your server if you are compromised (if your Javascript code get edited to steal keys).

  122. Moshe

    Thunderbird, please

  123. sf2023

    I would love to use my new Proton Mail account with Thunderbird if possible. I understand that to maintain security I have to be very careful so I do not store any pw on my computer nor on Thunderbird Sign in with a different pw to every single account I have every time. Thunderbird enables me to use separate email account for personal, business, and hobbyist email circular email but without having to log in every time and I keep my internet virus and identity protection software up to date all the time. I want to abandon Yahoo which I have used since they started becasue I trusted them more than hotmail and I still do not rust Outlook. I really am most concerned about identity theft and ransom-ware type problems on the net and keeping personal banking safe as a retiree living overseas not in luxury but to save money as my home country is o expensive. Thanks

  124. bibou

    Hi there,

    First of all, I did not understand why there is 2 different passwords. One for the inbox and another for the mail box ?

    Which of those password Thunderbird would need to use to connect to ProtonMail to be able to send and receive messages?

    I also have read this :

    Looks like SSL is the only true option between ProtonMail and Thunderbird.
    Otherwise, communicating in plain text between ProtonMail and Thunderbird would be a nonsense.

    I hope ProtonMail will provide this great option in the near future.

    Best regards

  125. reuben


    being able to view proton mail in the same ‘inbox’ as gmail or outlook accounts would be very convenient.

  126. Brian

    I’m guessing the issue, as most of you realize is not the username / password combination you are prompted with at the first login in ProtonMail, but the secondary passphrase used to fully encrypt and decrypt your mailbox.

    Normal email clients use the username and password as the extent of security (aside from SSL or TLS, when supported, for encryption of your email data in transit), however most email is stored on the server in an unencrypted format. In this case, Proton mail is soaring your data on the server with strong encryption, thus the need for the second passphrase.

    First you login to Proton mail, username and password, then once logged in, you have to provide the second passphrase which decrypts the mailbox so you can view, reply, delete email from the mail box. When you exit from ProtonMail, the mailbox is put back into an encrypted state.

    All of that said, it would be great if ProtonMail could find a way to use email clients, but their web app and phone apps are top notch so far.

  127. Shield

    I wish there were protonmail for thunderbird because I in need of that in the future. If I can use a free account pop3 fir personal use then I would pay the extra ammount for another account for business use.

  128. Anon

    I understand this may be for some reason tricky to allow Proton mail in outlook client. I can say honestly that this is what stops me from using proton mail as my main email address, but I would like to do that if I could.

  129. m

    i would also love to use proton mail as my main email address. it is a pain though, to use thunderbird with 3 email addresses, and webmail for one other service so far, because mail clients can not work with them. this means i will most likely use proton mail less.

  130. Anonymous

    ProtonMail via Mutt email client would be disco.

  131. Gracjan

    Please allow to use proton mail with external client like eM Client !

  132. joe czar

    going against the crowd. Please do not offer email app integration. the whole purpose of the web based site is double layer authorization to access it both on pc and mobile. using an email app takes that away security away. i thought security was the whole purpose of this project not just having a neat swiss email address.

  133. Diego

    Up for Outlook or Mail, and up for BlackBerry native app!

  134. marco

    In my opinion the possibility to manage emails off-line (read, print, search, etc…) is a key feature. A ProtonMail Application for desktop computers similar to that already existing for mobile devices would be a fine solution.

  135. KristiHugs

    I really could use Thunderbird integration! I have four blogs and four addresses and it is crazy having to sign in to each one when thunderbird will allow me to see all four accounts at once. Are you any closer to this option?

  136. Anonymous

    It would be so cool to use Protonmail on Thunderbird !

  137. Rickie Backer

    Two years of comments of people asking for the same thing, addons for emailclients. That’s why I came here too, I’d like to integrate ProtonMail with Thunderbird.

    I hope someday a dev will read these comments..

  138. ProtonMail Support

    We are working on this, but we do not have an exact date when it will be available.

  139. +1


  140. Thunderbirder

    To ProtonMail Support , I also would like thunderbird supported

  141. Proton Lover

    Thunderbird support please

  142. Anonymous

    Airmail on Mac would be great.

  143. Mabuxe

    Waiting your support for Thunderbird, thanks!

  144. Tom

    Same Request as above. I’d like to use my Protonmail account with Outlook as I do not want to be online all the time.

    Any developments in this direction yet?

    PS: Im loving proton mail by the way. A secure, EU based email service removed from privacy invading, morally bankrupt companies like Google or FB is long overdue.

  145. Philip

    Still waiting and yet no response. I REALLY am rooting for you guys (I don’t even use the service that much, but still signed up for a premium account), but you are making it hard. I really want to switch away from Gmail, but this just makes it very inconvenient.

  146. Freek

    The Protonmail web client is really good, unfortunately my wife uses osX mail exclusively, this hold me back from porting our own domain email to protonmail.

  147. ProtonMail Support

    Support for Apple Mail is now available via the ProtonMail Bridge.

  148. recursivedonut

    Waiting for client support, I use imapfw/offlineIMAP and msmtp with mutt+notmuch.


  149. Protonmail Newbie

    Hello, I just signed up for Protonmail and love it! The only feature missing is being able to use an email client like Thunderbird. And this is the deal breaker for becoming a Premium user. Please allow us to use an email client with Protonmail. Thanks!

  150. ProtonMail Support

    The ProtonMail Bridge is available for premium users on Windows and MacOS, and will soon be released for Linux as well.

  151. Matthew

    I just signed up for ProtonMail Plus and was hoping to make a smooth transition off my Gmail account by viewing both accounts on Thunderbird. I am disappointed to see that the necessary Bridge application is not available yet for Linux. I am running Ubuntu. Integration with Thunderbird is why I upgraded from the free account.

  152. ATZ

    +1 to Airmail support!

  153. Dann

    Why no date on this help article? The comments are dated, but IMHO every article should have release and update dates.

  154. Henrik

    Is there an update on this? It’s been over a year since the last support comment.

  155. ProtonMail Support

    The ProtonMail Bridge is now available for MacOS and Windows, Linux support is coming soon.

  156. martin

    What is the expected arrival date of the linux bridge?
    And what linux distros will be supported?

  157. ProtonMail Support

    The Bridge for Linux is currently in Beta. If you want to become a beta tester, please send us a message to

  158. anonymous

    A year later and we still await Thunderbird support and integration. Any updated news on this?

  159. ProtonMail Support

    Thunderbird is already supported when using the ProtonMail Bridge.

  160. Danny

    BlackBerry BlackBerry BlackBerry, please. The hub is great and I will have to switch from protonmail if support for blackberry setup isn’t provided in the near future. Thanks.

  161. Kate

    I look forward to being able to use Thunderbird as an email client for my protonmail webmail in a Linux environment so that I can use Firefox’s mailto feature.

  162. Anonymous

    Beta tester link is not working

  163. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team at, or using the support form at for an invite to our Android or iOS Beta program. Please note that this is for our dedicated ProtonMail apps, not for the Bridge.

  164. Anonymous

    Any updates on the Bridge? Looking to connect Linux Ubuntu Thunderbird. Full support from me!

  165. ProtonMail Support

    Please write to for more information on Bridge for Linux.

  166. nät

    What is the host name of proton mail for configure the mail system on iOS (incoming + outgoing mail server)?


  167. Proton Editor

    Third party clients are not supported on iOS. Please use our iOS app or the web client on iOS devices.

  168. Varun

    +100 to Airmail support on Mac.

  169. Simon

    +1 for thunderbird client support under Linux!

  170. Ale

    Please release the bridge for Linux!

  171. ProtonMail Support

    The Bridge for Linux is now in Beta. To become a beta tester, please send us an email to

  172. Ian H

    I’m a regular ProtonMail user and I’m currently trying out the Bridge Beta for Linux. So far, it’s been working perfectly! :)

    I’m using KDE Neon 16.04 (essentially Ubuntu 16.04, with the Neon repo added to give me the very latest KDE desktop) and the Thunderbird 57 Beta 2 email client BTW…

    It’s been a bit of a wait – sadly it often seems that Linux clients are the last to arrive! – but it does look like the first public release must be very close :)

  173. Carl A. Schulz

    Please improve Apple Mail support for labels and tags. It seems that the way Apple Mail handles labels is not consistent with the way, for example, it handles GMAIL labels.

    I use Mail Tags to organize my mail. It seems that tags do not sync back to PROTON Mail. Also, Mail Tags recognizes GMAIL labels but not PROTONMAIL labels.

  174. ProtonMail Support

    Can you please send a message regarding this issue to so our Bridge team can look into it?

  175. Tim Hume

    It would be useful to have the ProtonMail bridge available for the Raspberry Pi. I imagine this would involve recompiling the Linux bridge (which is in beta)? Maybe it wouldn’t be too difficult to do?

  176. ST

    Would love to use the Protonmail Android app, but I do not trust the Google Services Framework and do not have it installed on my phone (running CopperheadOS). It appears that I cannot get push notifications without Google services installed, which I think entirely defeats the purpose of broader privacy and likely security to some extent. Having the ability to use K-9 Mail or another mail client is a work-around, but I would rather use the encrypted Protonmail app. Building your app without dependence on the Google services and making it available as a direct download from your website for sideloading without having to go through the Google Play store just makes sense for your service.
    Will be happy to switch to your service if you plan on making a version of your app that will run on a properly secured and privacy-enabled device without Google Play Services.

  177. KBD

    I have the same concern as many others on here when it comes to using ProtonMail on an Android phone. Basically, we DON’T WANT ANYTHING TO DO WITH GOOGLE! It seems almost every company is giving into using google services now days, which allows them lying ba*****s to take over the internet more or less. As someone else stated, when will the line be drawn? Especially for ProtonMail, why would you using google at all when you claim you are all about privacy? I understand their services can make things easier at times, but “easy” comes with consequences. I am soon to be blocking every google service, every google link, etc that I can on my TailsOS… and if my guess is right, I bet half of the internet I use will not be usable.

    Therefore, ProtonMail, stand up for yourselves and the individuals seeking complete privacy that you claim to be here for. So far, you seem to be doing well, but please completely ditch google.

    Thank You

  178. ProtonMail Support

    We only use Google Services for push notifications, which are encrypted and Google cannot read the contents.

  179. Chris Doran

    So, in 2019 no change on the ol thunderbird thingy?

  180. ProtonMail Support

    We have made numerous improvements to the Bridge app and how it works with Thunderbird. You can find the Thunderbird setup instructions here:

    If you need any assistance, please contact our support team using the support form at or at

  181. woody

    [posted in the SEARCH window of the page]
    Is this a current post? Where is the Date-Time-Stamp? Looking for how to use Protonmail in Thunderbird. Comments here say 2015 but so what that doesn’t tell me this is not still a current stand by Protonmail. Please be smart, considerate enough and not negligent to mark the DTS at the top of all posts so we know, or if this is old, then my goodness delete the damn thing so we do not have to waste our time searching, finding, reading, then discarding and continuing more searches in case there is a newer post since the last 4 years that in fact does offer this ability. Geez…. ??? I’m a one, two, three time user, you are thousands of time user(s) why don’t you know better by yourself?

  182. ProtonMail Support

    The information presented in this article is still valid.

  183. Aijaz

    Hello. I have a 5GB account with proton mail. I would like to configure Windows 10 mail client (native) with protonmail. Do you have the steps for that?

  184. ProtonMail Support

    Unfortunately, the native Windows 10 Mail client is not officially supported. You may try the setup steps for other clients, but we cannot guarantee that it will work as expected.

  185. Sam

    Please integrate Blackberry 10…Thanks!

  186. ProtonMail Support

    You cannot add a ProtonMail account to 3rd party email clients on mobile, but you can try using our Android app on compatible Blackberry devices, available at Note that Blackberry devices aren’t officially supported and the app may not work completely as expected.

  187. Abhishek

    Idk about windows mail but I really do trust apple mail, so if you can give integration with apple mail, I’m pretty sure it would be beneficial for both of us, thank you :)

  188. ProtonMail Support

    As the article says, this is possible via the ProtonMail Bridge:

  189. Joe

    Hi Proton-people!

    First of all thank you all for freely providing such a great and very much needed service!
    I understand at the moment the ProntonMail Bridge is currently under development for the Linux users, I was wondering if there is
    any updates on this question. I would very much like to be able to connect to my ProtonMail account via Thunderbird.
    Thank you all for the great job that you are doing!

  190. ProtonMail Support

    If you have a paid account, you can try the beta. Send a message to for instructions.

  191. Niko

    Yes, I would appreciate if protonmail could be integrated into email clients even for free users :)

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