How to activate TouchID and PIN code lock on the ProtonMail iOS app

When logging into the iOS application for the first time, your login password and mailbox password will be securely saved on your device to allow you to easily access and send your encrypted email.

To add an additional layer of protection against unwanted prying eyes that may intrude on your mail when leaving your device unattended, the iOS application can be locked with both TouchID and a PIN code.  These can be set to lock your account after a certain time duration or every time the app is closed.

You can activate TouchID, PIN lock, or both TouchID and PIN lock can be set at the same time. If both are turned on, TouchID will be the default access method; however, if for some reason you do not have access to TouchID, you can cancel this prompt and enter a PIN to unlock the device. If no PIN lock is set, your account will require the login and mailbox password to log back in, if the TouchID prompt is cancelled.

Activating TouchID

  1. Ensure your Passcode is activated in the system Settings of your device.
  2. Within the ProtonMail app, visit the Settings in the side Menu.
  3. Scroll down and select the TouchID toggle so it turns green.
  4. Mobile Settings - Protection - Enable TouchID
  5. Once you have activated TouchID you can set a duration which you would like to be prompted to confirm your TouchID.

Activating PIN lock

  1. Within the ProtonMail app, visit the Settings in the side Menu.
  2. Scroll down and select the Enable Pin Protection toggle so it turns green.
  3. Mobile Settings Pin lock menu
  4. Enter a 4 digit pin and select Create
  5. Enter the same 4 digit pin again and select Confirm

Set Auto Lock Time

Auto Lock Time is the default time that will lock your account and require your TouchID or PIN to be entered.

  1. Within the ProtonMail app, visit the Settings in the side Menu
  2. Select Auto Lock Time and choose the desired time elapsed. This time is calculated based on the last time the app was entered.
  3. Setting Auto lock time