How to upgrade or downgrade your subscription

You can upgrade or downgrade your ProtonMail subscription plan at any time. If you downgrade your plan, prorated account credits are added to your account. If you upgrade your plan, any existing account credits will be applied towards it, or you can make a new payment. 

Learn more about the different ProtonMail plans

In this article we look at how to upgrade and downgrade your ProtonMail subscription plan.

How to upgrade your ProtonMail plan

1. Log in to and go to SettingsAccountDashboardSelect Plan.

Choose a plan

If you already have a paid plan, click Customize subscription instead. 

2. Verify your desired plan and whether you want a monthly, annual, or two-year plan. You can choose the currency you wish to use in the top right corner

You can customize the plan with increased Users, Storage, Addresses, and Domains (the customization options available depend on the plan you select). You can also upgrade your existing plan using these customization options. 

Customize your plan a plan

3 (optional). If you wish, you can add a ProtonVPN plan to your subscription from this screen and customize it with additional Connections.

Add and / or customize a ProtonVPN plan to your subscription (optional)

4. Click Continue when you are ready to enter payment details. 

How to downgrade your ProtonMail plan

1. Log in to and go to SettingsAccountDashboardCustomize subscription.

Downgrade your plan from the ProtonMail dashboard

2. Select the plan you would like to downgrade to and click Continue. If you are switching to our Free plan, you will be asked to Confirm your choice. Note: This action will be implemented immediately, and your subscription plan will be downgraded to the Free tier. 

Choose the plan you wish to download to.

You can also purchase a ProtonVPN plan from this screen (or downgrade or upgrade your existing ProtonVPN plan, if you have one). 

Things to keep in mind when downgrading

Before you downgrade your plan, you should ensure any custom domains and addresses are disabled to match the specs of the new plan you are downgrading to. 

If you fail to do this, Organization users and custom domains will be immediately removed from your account. Additional addresses belonging to your main account will also be disabled.

You can disable custom domains by going to SettingsOrganizationDomain names. In the Actions column next to each Domain name you want to delete, select Delete from the dropdown menu.

Delete custom domains

When you disable an email address, the address will no longer be able to send or receive mail.

You will also need to reduce how much data storage you are using to within the maximum storage capacity for a plan before you can downgrade to it (so 500 MB or less for a Free plan).  You can do this by deleting emails in your account and by deleting files stored in Proton Drive.   

Please also note that downgrading to our Free plan means you can have only one active custom filter and will result in the loss of any additional storage space or VPN connections you may otherwise have been entitled to. 

Proton Calendar

Free users are allowed one Proton Calendar and do not have access to our Share outside Proton feature. If you downgrade to our Free plan, you must therefore first remove any additional calendars and shared calendar links in your Proton Calendar settings

Proton Calendar warning

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