Assigning VPN connections to users

ProtonVPN is built by the ProtonMail team and is a core part of our mission to create a free and private internet for all. If you are a ProtonMail user with a Professional or Visionary account, you can assign VPN connections to your users from within your ProtonMail account. In this article, we show you how. 


Built with security as its primary focus, and drawing upon the lessons we have learned from working with journalists and activists in the field, ProtonVPN hides what you get up to online from your internet service provider (and therefore your government), and hides your real IP address from websites that you visit.

Please see What is a VPN? and How does a VPN work? if you would like to learn more about how a VPN protects you online, and here for a list of advanced security features offered by ProtonVPN.

Image of VPN features

ProtonVPN offers 4 plans, each of which allow a certain number of VPN connections. This is the number of devices you can connect to ProtonVPN at the same time. Our Plus plan, for example, allows you to connect 10 devices at once.

Assigning VPN connections from within ProtonMail

If you have a Professional or Visionary plan, you can assign VPN connections to your users from the ProtonMail accounts page.

1.  Log in to your account at and go to OrganizationUsers and Addresses.

2. Find the user you want to assign VPN connections to and click Edit.

Screenshot of assigning users VPN connections

3. Select the number of VPN connections you want to assign that user from the dropdown menu.

Screenshot of selecting the number of VPN connections for a user

Assigning VPN connections to new users

In addition to assigning VPN connections to existing users, you can assign VPN connections to new users when you add them.

Screenshot of assigning VPN connections to a new user

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  1. travis owens

    What is the approximate ETA of Proton’s native Mac VPN?

  2. ProtonMail Support

    Our ProtonVPN Mac application is currently released in a closed-beta, and only our paid subscribers are eligible to receive an invitation for early access. The application is constantly developed and optimized, and we are unable to provide any specific date or a time-frame regarding the official release.

  3. Tim McGreal

    Hello, with a Pro account is the VPN automatically “on” or is there a different procedure that needs to be followed?

    Also, I have a separate protonmail account (free – (hidden), that I added onto the pro (hidden) as a “user”. Is the (hidden)@protonmail account also via a vpn connection now? Thank-you.

  4. ProtonMail Support

    To use ProtonVPN, you will need to install the ProtonVPN client or an OpenVPN client. You can find more information on setting up the VPN at

  5. ricoh customer service

    how to connect VPN through router

  6. ProtonMail Support

    Please follow the instructions found here
    If you need any assistance, please contact our support team at, via the report bug button or using the support form at

  7. inhousen

    if i buy visionary protonmail version , should i buy visionary protonvpn too ? and how to instal protonvpn ?

  8. ProtonMail Support

    The Visionary plan has both ProtonMail and ProtonPVN included. For help with setting up ProtonVPN, please visit or contact our VPN support team at

  9. hitachi customer service


  10. Anonymous

    with a free account I see that 1 Device is enabled to use VPN. Where it is registered? Can be changed (for example if I change laptop or OS)?

  11. ProtonMail Support

    You can set-up ProtonVPN on numerous devices, but only one of those devices can be connected at a time. You can change the devices per your desire, but you cannot have multiple active connections across the devices that you’ve set-up for ProtonVPN. If you are already connected on one device, you will need to disconnect from that device in order to connect on another device.

  12. Mary

    Hi. I just used VPN to access a USA merchant’s address from the UK, using the USA connection. I’m being asked to pay in pounds, which tells me that the VPN is not masking my location. I thought the purpose of a VPN was to mask locations (among other purposes)? How can I fix this problem? I am using Windows 7 with Firefox.

  13. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our VPN support team at

  14. Jeff Cutright

    Hello! Greetings from China. I had Proton VPN on my laptop but suffered a catastrophic data loss,
    including the vpn software. I just had the free version but I loved it! I downloaded proton VPN from softtronic (I think that
    was the name) I cannot get it from protonvpn website because it is blocked here. I can’t get it to install. THe installation
    program gives me “Error1001″and stops. No Proton VPN. What can I do. MY username is nimaatre and I used as the email address.
    Thanks for your help.

  15. ProtonMail Support

    Please avoid downloading the ProtonVPN application from third-parties, since we are not cooperating with them at this moment and this can cause complications with the application since it’s not from our official website. You can contact the ProtonVPN team at for further assistance.


    I am a protonmail plus client with the paid proton VPN. I am in Australia and have recently not been allocated a Austrlian VPN as it is claimed all are full.
    Please add additional VPN options as it is a service that I have paid for and not at your discretion.

  17. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact the ProtonVPN support team using the support form at

  18. Kelly Kicinski MD PhD

    I am a Paid subscriber and my account was hacked. I have PAID $ 12 oer Month for VPN, Professional and secure EMAIL because you ABIDE Federal HIPAA privacy compliance for NATIONAL SECURITY

  19. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact our support team:

  20. Anonymous

    my protonVPN plan has being blocked in China!
    do you have some remedial measures?

  21. ProtonMail Support

    Please contact the ProtonVPN support team at or

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