Early access to Proton Drive is here! You can now secure your files with end-to-end encryption

June 2021: This article has been updated to show that Proton Drive beta is now available to all ProtonMail or ProtonVPN users that have a paid plan.

July 2021: Update again to show that Link sharing is now available to all Proton Drive users.

For the last two years, we have been developing new ways for you to take control of more of your data beyond email and VPN. After launching Proton Calendar beta at the end of 2019, today we are pleased to announce the early access launch of Proton Drive, our new end-to-end encrypted cloud storage service. We consider this to be a major milestone in achieving our vision, because data stored on most cloud services is not truly secure. 

With most cloud storage services, such as Google Drive, companies can monitor and scan your files and profit off your data. They could also potentially hand over your data to third parties.

With Proton Drive, you encrypt your data on your own device before uploading it to our secure servers, meaning we do not have the ability to access your files. We never spy on your data, and make zero money through ads. With Proton Drive you can store or back up files on our secure servers so that they can be readily accessed from any of your devices. 

All Proton users with paid accounts can now access Proton drive beta. This includes users with:

  • Lifetime plans
  • Visionary plans
  • ProtonMail Professional plans
  • ProtonMail Plus plans
  • ProtonVPN Basic or Plus plans

In this article we detail the next steps in the development of Proton Drive and how you can start trying out Proton Drive as an early access user.

Simple, private file storage with Proton Drive

Proton Drive early access provides end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, suitable for securing sensitive documents with the same kind of encryption we use to secure emails in ProtonMail and events in ProtonCalendar. We continue to build more features for Proton Drive, but the early access version is ideal for some use cases:

  • Securely backing up sensitive files, such as medical records, financial documents, copies of identity documents
  • Storing files with end-to-end encryption in the cloud, so you can access them from any device

Additionally, by using Proton Drive during the early access period, you can help guide product development by sharing your feedback with our designers and engineers. 

How to get early access to Proton Drive

If you are a user with a paid Proton account, go to drive.protonmail.com and sign in using your Proton login credentials.

Alternatively, you can access Proton Drive from your ProtonMail account. Simply log in to mail.protonmail.com, click the App Selector button in the top left corner of the web app, and select Proton Drive from the dropdown menu.

App selector Proton Drive

If you don’t have early access yet, here’s how to sign up:

  • New users who would like early access to Proton Drive can create a new Proton account at protonmail.com or protonvpn.com and select any paid plan.
  • Existing ProtonMail users can upgrade by logging in at mail.protonmail.com and clicking on the Upgrade button at the top.
  • Existing ProtonVPN users can upgrade by logging in at account.protonvpn.com and selecting the Basic or Plus plan in the Dashboard.

Early access to Proton Drive is permanent, and you will also get access to the paid version of Proton Drive after the beta period as long as your subscription remains active. Storage capacity for early access users is shared with your ProtonMail account (5 GB for Plus users, 20 GB for Visionary users). A range of options will be available when the full product is released.

End-to-end encrypted file storage

Although we are still adding features to Proton Drive, development of its core security infrastructure is now complete

Proton Drive allows you to store your files on the Proton server network. You encrypt your files on your device, and only you (or those you authorize) can decrypt them. Files and folders are encrypted using the same PGP encryption method we use to secure ProtonMail emails. 

  • How it works: PGP first generates a large symmetric session key, which is used to encrypt your files. This session key is then itself encrypted using an asymmetric key and a passphrase that you provide. Both the symmetric key and the password (which only you should know) are required to decrypt your data. 

Encryption and decryption occur on your device only, never on our servers. This means that no one can access files you have stored on Proton Drive (except you). However, as we discuss below, an upcoming feature will allow you to securely share files without compromising end-to-end encryption.

You can access Proton Drive from anywhere

Proton Drive is currently available through our web app, so your files can be accessed from any device that supports a web browser. 

The web app has an easy-to-use interface with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

What’s up next?

Our vision for Proton Drive is a fully featured and truly private cloud storage solution. With the security framework in place, we are listening to the feedback provided by our community and adding new features over time. 

Link sharing

At Proton we believe in an open and interoperable internet where data can be freely shared. When designing Proton Drive, it was therefore important that it not become a walled garden where stored files are inaccessible to non-Proton users.  

To make sharing files as easy and secure as possible, we have developing end-to-end encrypted link sharing, which allows you to share individual files stored on Proton Drive via a simple URL link. 

Even when the recipient is not a Proton user, the shared files remain end-to-end encrypted, so no one else — including us — can see them. More information about how this feature works can be found in our article on the ProtonDrive security model.

Learn more about link sharing with Proton Drive

Proton Drive apps

Making tools that are easy to use is central to Proton’s core mission to make online privacy accessible to all. No matter how private or secure a tool is, after all, it is useless if no one can or wants to use it. 

We are therefore planning to release full Proton Drive apps for all major platforms. The first desktop app to be released will be for Windows, with macOS and Linux apps to follow at a later date.

You can already access Proton Drive on your mobile devices using a browser, but we are also developing a dedicated iOS app, with an Android app next on our development roadmap. 

Your feedback is important to us

Proton is a community-driven project that relies on the feedback and support of our users. By using the early access version of Proton Drive and providing feedback, you will directly inform product decisions and help shape the future development of Proton Drive.

During the beta, you can send us your comments and feedback on Proton Drive inside the web app. Alternatively, just email us at drive@protonmail.com.

To report issues, click Help > Report bug.

If you have any questions about this beta, please let us know

Final thoughts

Proton Drive is an important step forward in our mission to make a more secure and private internet. It allows you to securely store data in the cloud using robust end-to-end encryption that ensures only you have access to your own data (and those you choose to share it with).

As such, it provides a clear route for those wishing to move their cloud storage needs away from privacy-invading services.

If you want a sneak peek at what Proton Drive has in store for the future, or if you want to be part of the community-driven effort to make this product the best it can be, consider signing up for an eligible Proton plan today.

Feel free to share your feedback and questions with us via our official social media channels on Twitter and Reddit.

About the Author

Douglas Crawford

Douglas has worked for many years as a technology writer in the cyberprivacy and cybersecurity sector. He is now very pleased to work for a company with a mission that he passionately believes in.


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78 comments on “Early access to Proton Drive is here! You can now secure your files with end-to-end encryption

  • Hi, as a long term user of ProtonMail Plus, I have some GBs of bonus storage. If I sign up to the package and obtain early access, will I be able to use all my storage in protondrive or is there a cap at 5GB (Standard ProtonMail Plus) ?

  • Dear developers,
    Mega and Google Drive lets me label folders as red, blue and yellow etc. Will Proton Drive allow me to label my folders with colors? Its a very important feature imo because I store a lot of data online.

  • Thanks! This is abän excellent addition to your services, thank you! Is there going to be an in-built browser editor for documents and local file sync like with Dropbox? Will access to Drive be integrated in mobile app?

  • Hi, I upgraded my Protonmail account to Plus but I don’t get Protondrive to show up in the menu. I only mail/contact/calendar/vpn. Any ideas why I can’t get access?

  • Hi, really excited about this!

    Wondering if the roadmap includes features to edit documents in the browser? Or maybe integrate with cryptpad.fr or similar? It’d be amazing to be able to have a full replacement for the Google Suite with Proton.

  • Hi,

    I just recently started using ProtonMail, but I am very interested to get all my core internet services from one secure place. Would it be possible to transfer all my files somehow from Dropbox to ProtonDrive and what would be the estimated launch of android app as I use the files as much on mobile as I do on laptop?

  • As an early beta tester of ProtonMail, ProtonVPN and Bridge for Linux I was excited to receive an invitation a couple of weeks ago to test ProtonDrive. I have been doing so and I must say that I am disappointed. I believe you have opened ProtonDrive up for testing too soon.

    The user interface is crude to put it mildly.
    There is no “sync” functionality.
    Uploading a large number of files, even though small in size, does not work.

    I have been comparing the functionality of ProtonDrive against those of Mega (for which I have an account) and against the capabilities of other “cloud” storage providers as described in reviews and on the vendor pages. From what I have experienced with ProtonDrive I would not sign up for a ProtonDrive account even if it were free.

    I realize that ProtonDrive is in the early stages of development (I hope) and that it will eventually gain features to make it competitive with other services. My concerns are:

    – Given the very preliminary state of the project, what exactly are you expecting users to test?
    – Your Black Friday promotions are advertising upgrade your account and get access to ProtonDrive. Why? I imagine that a lot of newly upgraded customers will be quite disappointed.
    – Surely a lot of time and effort has gone into addressing the security model behind ProtonDrive. This is not something that the user can easily test/verify. It is sort of an issue of faith that Proton is doing an excellent job in this area. However, based on the current state of ProtonDrive – the parts which the user can see and touch, does not enhance that faith.

    My main experience to date which “cloud” storage is with my free account at Mega. I do not trust them as far as I could throw Kim Dotcom. If I do store any data of value on that service I tar and encrypt it locally before uploading it. This is not very convenient. I do look forward to being able to sync actual data files to ProtonDrive, Please keep up the good work.


    p.s. Yes, I have submitted bug reports and help requests regarding specific concerns identified by my testing.

  • Just want to say thanks so much to the Proton Technologies team(s). Privacy matters and you (and a few others) are on the frontlines defending our rights. Keep on the good work, a ‘fan’.

  • I have two-year plan on ProtonMail, it’s bad that you forcing to buy ProtonVPN as well in order to benefit some of your benefits :/

  • Hello,

    What’s the size limit on ProtonDrive ? I have a NAS drive and am looking to backup the drive, current size is about 500 GB. Would this be possible? (I used to use Synology Cloud Sync to Amazon Drive, the access for Synology cloud sync was deactivated by Amazon as Amazon’s company policy)

    And is there a plan for Automatic sync from local drive/NAS to Proton Drive?

    Currently, I am using ProtonMail Plus.

    • Hi Joe! Your Drive storage is shared with your ProtonMail storage. So you have at least 5 GB of capacity to split between mail and drive. Because of our annual storage bonus, this amount will increase each year as long as you keep your paid plan active.

  • Hi there,

    What are the difference or main ones that differ ProtonDrive from Tresorit? I’m using Tresorit for a long time and I’m very satisfied, but as a ProtonMail paid user and Beta tester as well, this step seems a very pleasant way to compare both solutions and decide on one service (all-in-one package) or have a totally separated service. How’s that sound?


  • I like protoncompany. I want protondrive, please answer my questions. How many gigas, what is best interactive for transfer to pdf and is adobe acrobat suitable; also: my account prometheus2000@protonmail.com is not active for a few months therefore how to get it back with protondrive, and with protonvpn which also I had.
    It appears that the vpn wasn’t paid for awhile so they deactivated the protonmail as well although I already had that free previous to adding the vpn account to it with the same username as the email on protonmail dash.
    A couple years ago or so there was a glich with the billing and you guys were real help. Thank you.

    contact: telemachus1300@protonmail.com

  • I think it highly unfair that new users to protonmail have early access to protonmail, these people have not supported the company very long they only have access because they have the funds to pay for either one or two years upfront.
    Having recently been made redundant i cannot justify spending that kind of money upfront and have to pay for my bundle monthly. This isn’t showing longterm customers like myself anything for our loyalty. I’ve had protonmail for many years and feel badly treated. I’m having to spend money paying Mega.nz for my storage, these funds should be going to ProtonMail but are not.
    I fully support what your company are doing that is why I’m spending my money on a paid email account and paid Vpn when when for most of my Internet browsing a Tor browser is sufficient or the free orbot app.
    For customers such as myself who pay monthly for our bundles when will we have access to Protondrive.

  • Is there an app in development for Windows 10 and Android, that functions like OneDrive, which allows ProtonDrive to be accessed in the file explorer in Windows? Or adding ProtonDrive as a network location?

  • I would like to use proton drive to replace MSFT ONeDrive. although I need about 500GB of storage. When will you be offering storage models of this size?

  • Hi, are files uploaded to ProtonDrive stored redundantly in case of a hard drive failure, or even copied across two facilities for fault tolerance?

  • Hi, are files uploaded to ProtonDrive stored redundantly in case of a hard drive failure, or even copied across two facilities for fault tolerance?

  • HI, is there an API for proton drive? I mainly need upload ability, created folder ability and create a shared link for CD/CI pipelines.

  • How much in USD does it cost to get more cloud storage space. 5G is not enough and I have a paid account (proton mail and VPN)

  • How much storage do you offer? 5 or 20 GB would be nothing for cloud storage, regarding that I need at least 3 TB.

  • It there anyway you can make ProtonVPN and ProtonMail and ProtonDrive one app instead of individual apps?

  • Hi. I see that the Proton Drive Storage is 5 GB and that some amount will be added to this in the form of an annual bonus. Are there details about how much the annual bonus is/will be? Many Thanks in advance!

  • Hi, I’m very keen to move away from using the non-secure “free” storage options. ProtonDrive looks promising, do you have a list somewhere of planned new features? It would be awesome to have a mac/*nix/Windows sync feature. Thanks!

    • Hi Jose. It is, but to access it you must have both a ProtonMail Plus and a ProtonVPN Plus account (or higher).

  • Hi,

    How much storage is there in proton drive with the different plans? I still use Google Drive and want to switch……..

    • Storage capacity for early access users is shared with your ProtonMail account (5 GB for Plus users, 20 GB for Visionary users). A range of options will be available when the full product is released.

  • I am very interested in switching from Amazon Drive to Proton. I use it primarily as a photo backup. I know that an iOS app is coming however I wanted to know if there will be a tool to port data from other cloud services to Proton similar to how your email tool works.

  • Hello Proton Drive Team and Proton,

    the idea itself is very good. But what I find absolutely not fair and also not good that you want to offer this only to subscribers who pay for 1 or 2 years in advance. This is an extren umfaire action on your part.

    Not everyone can afford it, especially now in the Corona time, where many have lost their jobs or are in short-time work. The majority will not be able to afford 100 – 300 EUR. /Francs to be able to pay and make a monthly plan. And hardly anyone works in Switzerland who earns 5000 francs or more every month for a short time.

    You should urgently revise your strategy and act a little more humanely!

    • Hi gerhard. Proton Drive is still very much at the beta early access phase. When the product is ready for a full public release, new pricing will be announced.

  • very nice, i have seen you grow over time and it is a pleasure seeing this come to be very popular , and away from criminal ( google/YT/Fakebook/ twatters) enterprise’s who sell their customers daily, and then threaten them with banning them and all they worked for online.

  • We have a ProtonVisionary account however, when I just accessed my account and navigated to the drop down menu to get to ProtonDrive, it is not in the drop down menu. Please advise what I should do.

  • hi,
    I can’t wait till you, Protonmail team, maket Proton Drive available for all users, or at least for Proton Mail Plus users (without adding VPN…)
    anyway: good job – keep on going

    • Hi Anonymous. Proton Drive will launch as a fully featured private cloud storage service.

  • Hi,
    I am a private practice mental health counselor and need a HIPPA compliant document/file storage and sharing service. I use ProtonMail for personal use and would love to also able to use it for my professional needs as well.

    I’m aware that ProtonMail Professional is HIPPA compliant and offers a BAA. Does this HIPPA compliance and BAA also apply to ProtonDrive? How about other Proton apps such at Contacts and Calendar?

    Also, I would love to see a Proton blog post written on using Proton apps to manage a small private healthcare practice, like my own. I would be interested in learning about best practices specific to the Proton apps to ensure HIPPA compliant document storage and sharing with clients and colleagues.

    • Hi ailistë. Yes, all ProtonMail products (including, Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drive) encrypt PHI prior to storing it, this allows you as a Covered Entity to remain HIPAA compliant. Please remember it is the responsibility of you as the Covered Entity to ensure you are utilizing the tools in a way that is compliant with HIPAA to be considered HIPAA Compliant.

  • Hi, please try to make the Android app FOSS and make it available on F-Droid or similar repositories. That is one of the “features” that I appreciate the most about ProtonVPN app (I do not have access to Google Play Store).

  • Hello! I am subscribed to two year ProtonMail Plus and and paying for additional storage and domain as well. I do not want to use Proton VPN as I already have two different VPN’s in use.
    Am I eligible for this Proton Drive Beta?

    • Hi Diimaan. Early access to ProtonDrive requires at least both a ProtonMail Plus and a ProtonVPN Plus account, I’m afraid.

  • Yes, I am thinking of downgrading my Proton Services, if all you’re focused on is charging for Proton in a yearly fashion. Quite inept of you to not offer the Proton Drive early release Monthly to long time loyal users such as me. I would think the extra Money, I am currently spending Monthly was benificial to Proton for development? In otherwards, if I am not using what I am paying for currently Monthly, I can easily downgrade my services and purchase a year to get Drive with you obtaining less funds. NP Done :) THANKS

    • Hi Arch. At present the only way to access Proton Drive is via the web interface. Files are encrypted on your device before sending, and are further secured in transit by HTTPS.

  • I have started using proton mail for almost 4 months but not extensively, was thinking to upgrade to get more space and access to cloud drive but realized that your cloud only works thru a browser not like Mega or icloud where you sync everything thru a folder. It would be great if proton drive is also available with the sync option from a folder in the PC and mobile.

  • Hi,

    I’m wondering if ProtonDrive will be fully usable from my “heavy securised” entreprise network. For example, Google Drive is barely usable since uploading of files is blocked with a message saying “interrupted connection”.


    • Hi Fred. Can you provide details about what parts of your “heavy securised” enterprise network don’t play well with Google Drive before?

  • Hello,

    Today, I encountered the following problem related to ProtonDrive. I edited my primary key locally and I wanted to re-import it back to ProtonMail. In order to do that, I first had to set another key as primary, then delete the target key and import the edited one. However, I received the message: “Cannot delete the key. First delete the Drive which uses that key”. I deleted all my files from ProtonDrive, marked the key as obsolete so that it isn’t used for encryption, logged out, logged back in, hoping that, since my Drive is now empty and the key is marked obsolete, it will delete it, but nope – I’m still getting the same message. I just cannot delete the key and re-import it.

  • I would consider buying this if it was possible to connect to the drive via ssh/sftp.

  • If files are truely encrypted locally when uploading how come I can preview images that are stored on the drive?

  • When are ‘sync’ features expected? I’m happy to have paid to upgrade to bundle to have somewhere online to store everything but having to download and re-upload files anytime I wish to revise is tedious to say the least. Would appreciate having an ETA so I can at least plan for the gap in the interim.

  • Are you able to share folders or just individual files? I am trying to figure out if this is a solution that will work for collaborating on projects for our company. We currently use proton for our company email.

  • So I am a supporter of Proton Mail with a Plus account since 2 years and already have renewed for another 2 years and I don’t have any early access to this? It’s really true that money buy people.

  • Too bad you must have lots of extra money to use ProtonDrive. I have been a huge advocate of your mail client, and I’m not wealthy, so I use free mail but pay for your VPN. Such a wonderful concept for secure mail, and I pay monthly for you VPN, but cannot afford a whole year of any service. Maybe it’s time to find another secure mail client. The success and money took over your ethics of caring about the end client, who pay for your ability to continue this necessary security work. Now that the almighty dollar has become your obvious main concern, I have lost my respect for any of your future endeavors, even if I could afford it. Again, you should have given a monthly option for Proton Drive to anyone who uses your services and pays any monthly fee already. So again, shame on you

  • What is a secure process for creating editable word, excel, and ppt/Gslide files and storing them on Proton Drive? I’m presuming Proton Drive is a pure storage and doesn’t have document editing or even collaborative editing features?

  • If I need 200 GB in a cloud drive, would such a size be available through Proton? What would be the cost? Thanks

  • will there be like a form of free account like prontmail like 1 gb or 2 gb ish free space on the cloud!
    also if i buy protonmail premium do i get access to proton-drive only for the time period i have protonmail premium

  • A desktop app would definately be helpful and more secure. I would upgrade to a paid account if you had a desktop app and your prices were less expensive. Tutanota is half the price with many of the features Proton is still working on. I appreciate the stronger privacy but not sure I am ready to pay twice as much when there’s is pretty solid using a vpn

  • Hello,

    1. Are there any plans on adding cloud edit/collaborative editing functionality? Currently I have to download a file, update file, upload file, and then whomever I am working on the file with or if I am using a different device, I have to do that all again in order to keep the latest version backed up.

    2. Any high level estimated timeline on the Windows PC & Android Apps? 2021?

  • This page is outdated and I’m finding it difficult to find my drive from the regular Protonmail interface.

  • Early access appears to be from 5 to 20 GB, depending on account. This is not enough storage to tease me into adding proton mail. I need 500 GB to 2 TB to be tempted. I currently use about 200 GB on Dropbox on a Plus account where I could store up to 2 TB for 10 dollars a month. I could encrypt my own files using PGP so the only advantage from proton drive would be the convenience of the software but it seems the price is going to be too high. Let me know when I can get at least 500 GB, better even a TB or 2 TB, for 10 dollars a month

  • Hello,

    Please add functionality to view thumbnails and to be able to share a folder, not just individual files. Would like to be able to give people Read Only / Editor access to more than a file at a time.

    Thank you,

  • Thank you for making a cloud storage with privacy in mind. Right now I encrypt all my backups manually before uploading them which complicates the upload and the access process. A cloud storage with on device encryption will simplify it. I mainly backup large amount of video and photos for my projects. Will there be an unlimited storage option available like Google Drive? Is there a pricing plan? When will this be out of beta?