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The ProtonMail
Guide to IT Security
for Small Businesses

This ebook helps small business owners to understand how to improve their company’s IT security. It contains advice on how to create an IT security framework, concrete steps that can be implemented right away, and lists of best practices for employees to follow.

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Create a culture of security awareness

Best practices for employees
to use on a daily basis.


Enforce email security

Best practices for employees
to ensure email security.


Protect your network

Best practices for IT security leader to maintain a secure network.


Adopt top IT security solutions

List of recommended software and services that
your business can use.



From the IT Security Team at ProtonMail

More about ProtonMail

Acknowledged as a global leader in online security and privacy, ProtonMail automatically applies end-to-end, zero-access encryption to its messages. ProtonMail provides private and secure email services to thousands of businesses of all sizes. To learn more about using ProtonMail for your business, click here.

Proton Insights

Proton Insights is a monthly briefing to help you keep your organization secure against cyber threats.

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