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ProtonMail is the world's largest encrypted email company, serving millions of end users worldwide. We protect your communications against modern day cyber attacks.



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ProtonMail allows you to keep your business email address ( Send and receive encrypted emails both inside and outside of your organization.

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Encryption is not an add-on or awkward plugin with menus and extra clicks. End-to-end encryption is enabled by default on all accounts and seamlessly integrated.

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It’s email - it goes with you. Now it’s just as secure on the go as it is at the office. Our web and desktop clients are complemented by award winning mobile apps which secure email on mobile devices.

Take Back Control

You can keep full control of your data while still benefiting from the reliability and cost savings of the cloud. No need to worry about third parties gaining access to your data with ProtonMail's zero access encryption. It's so secure even we cannot read your data.

Yeshel maḍi i useqdec

Communicate securely with partners and clients without having to change the way you use email. Seamless and automatic encryption means no employee retraining needed. Multiple user control levels and account types let you easily administer your organization and fine tune security settings.

World-Class Security

Every ProtonMail user has a team of world-class scientists working around the clock to ensure their data is protected. Our cutting edge technology and infrastructure is applied to every aspect of ProtonMail, from what you see on your screen - to the infrastructure powering it all. We have a long track record building some of the world's most widely used encryption software.


Aqadeṛ n HIPAA

Automatically encrypt protected health information (PHI) within emails, including attachments, before it leaves the sender’s device, enabling HIPAA email compliance. Send HIPAA-compliant emails from any device. Recipients can read and reply without installing software.


Aqadeṛ n GDPR

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation imposes tough new rules for securing personal data — and steep penalties for non-compliance. ProtonMail helps your organization comply with strong encryption, privacy by design, and a comprehensive Data Processing Agreement, which prevents breaches and limits our liability.


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