How to add participants to recurring events in Proton Calendar

With Proton Calendar, you can invite anyone to a recurring event you created by adding them as participants. 

This can be only done using the web app. It is not possible to edit an event that has participants using our Android and iOS apps. 

If you need to edit an event that has participants, including adding new participants, using your Android device, iPhone, or iPad, this can be done by accessing Proton Calendar via the web interface on your mobile device.

You can add participants to recurring events in the web app when you create the event or by editing the event at a later time. An invitation will be sent to the newly added participants for all events in the series. 

Recurring event invitations Proton Calendar

There are some limitations to sending invitations to a recurring event:

  • You can only add participants to a full series of events. Proton Calendar doesn’t allow adding participants to selected occurrences. 
  • Once you’ve added participants to a recurring event, you can only make updates to the whole series of events. 
  • If the participant responds only to selected occurrences of a recurring event, the event in your Proton Calendar won’t show this participant. However, as the organizer of the event, you will be able to see their response to your invitation.
  • You can add up to 100 participants to an event.

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